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"Oh crap, oh holy crap Sis, what have you gotten me into here? I can't ice skate you know that, Damn I'm gonna blow any chance I got with Fabia the second I slam face first into the ice." I said rubbing my head to ease a growing headache. " Oh come on Dan,  that attitude of your is what is gonna  cost you in the end not messing up skating." Sora warned me "I just don't get why you picked this of all things we could do why pick this?" I wondered, Thinking about it now this was a stupid question to ask pretty much anyone who wasn't decorating, out shopping, or on thier way to visit relatives was planning a trip to the park pretty soon, I hadn't seen it my self yet but from what I had heard the grounds keepers had gone all out this year trying to appeal to everyone from children to the elderly. Other then the ice skating rink there were suppose to be light displays and shows, a little mini petting zoo for the real little kids, a little area where kids could get thier pictures taken with Santa claus and that was all that I had heard so far for all I knew there could of been even more. "It does sound pretty cool I will admit that." I muttered as I cracked my neck, Looking up into the grey cloud covered sky I felt the falling snow flakes hitting me in the face each time they landed they sent a quick cold jolt into me. "You ok Dan? You kind of look like you have something on your mind." Aria asked me as she tapped me on the shoulder and snapping be back to reality. " Uhh, wha, nah, I'm fine Aria nothing to worry about." I said  quickly brushing her  question off. " Hey, Aria, I gotta ask You really like Lance don't you?" I asked making her jump I guess she wasn't expecting that sort of question from me. She recovered quickly though and hummed in thought of her answer. "I do like him a lot, he is like one of the best friends I've ever had, and one heck of a kisser at that." She said. I didn't really need to know the last part, "If I hadn't of met Lance I never would of gotten Panzer either and  probably never would of gotten into Bakugan at all. I would of been missing out on a lot of fun." "I am also greatful to Lance for bringing me to you Aria. I don't think I could of asked for a better partner." Replyed her little Haos Bakugan. Aria smiled and placed a hand up towards her shoulder to touch and stroke him along his head. "But there is more to it then that. Lance is a lot like me, We have a lot of the same likes other then Brawling,  likes a lot of the same music as me,  loves the amusement park You know I could spend my whole life there. I enjoy just sitting spending time with him. So yeah Lance is important to me in a lot of ways. "  I nodded taking in everything I had just been told. "Ok, I get what you are saying Aria. Say your relationship got a little more serious but something happened and you two broke up. Would you toss everything you had aside and forget him. Try to find someone else or would you still hold on to him?" I asked.

" Well,... I would have to say  a bit of both, I would definately try to move on and find someone else to share my heart with. But no I wouldn't throw Lance aside all together no matter what the out come, he is, was, and always will be one of my friend. Nothing can take that away."  She said "Doesn't the uncertainity worry you though. How do you know  he isn't just stringing you along and toying with you?"  " He isn't. I can tell when I look into his eyes and when he laughs that he would never do anything to hurt me on purpose. Dan, not everyone in life is a lier or out to decieve people. There still are good ones out there, You are one of them I know it to be true... So is Fabia."  Before long we found ourselves at the gates to the city park which had been decorated up in  strings of red and green  blinking lights which spelled out "Merry Christmas." and "Noel."  I could see groups of little kids rushing around  all having fun as they played in the snow. Some of them were waiting in line for thier pictures with Santa, others were off petting the goats and sheep in the petting zoo. Out on the rink which was nessled in the center of the park People were  having fun as they  races about to and fro around on the ice. Either by themselves or with thier partners all the while enjoying the music that played over the speaker system. "Come on let's get some skates. I don't know about you to but I'm ready to  tear it up." Sora said with a smile "Hurry up Dan!" Aria added rushing after her. I stood still for a while  and just looked around at the seemingly never ending sea of holiday good cheer and  peace around me. I am sure there were dozens of seperated couples here today, maybe some of them were still at least friends with each other like Aria said she would stay with Lance.  Perhaps I was too quick to fully demonize Runo the way I did. What she did was still unforgiveable and now matter what she may of meant to me in the past I just didn't have it in me to ever take her back as my girlfriend.  To still keep the friendship we has shared was that ok? "Drago, do you ever still miss Wyvern?" I asked "Every single day, but there is nothing I can do about the past. All I can do is keep her memory alive in my heart and know that she is watching over me now and always."  said the little fire dragon.  "You ever think you will find another like her?" Drago sighed and shook his head in an unsure fashion "Not exactly like her and really I don't think I would want her to be exactly like Wyvern. I believe she would want me to move on and find someone new."  I would of said more but Sora was calling for me to get a move on and hit the ice so I desided to do that and try to at least not make a complete fool of myself.

Mira, Ace, and Baron were behind the counter of the skate rental booth handing out skates to customers and collecting money I very slowly made my way up to the counter, Drago hopped down and  floated about as he talked with Wilda and the others. "I didn't expect to see you here Dan." Mira said with a slight bit of amusement as she counted up the money they had collected so far, "Yeah, Sora kind of, persuaded me to come along. Even though I'm not much of an ice skater." I said. Ace grinned leaning back in his seat with his feet up on the counter and rocking back and forth. " Heard you and a certain blue haired neathian are practicly an Item already." he said  "You're jumping the gun there Ace, Nothing has happened even close to that yet."  I didn't even need to wonder who he had heard this from it was blindingly obvious. "Well if you do plan to make a move on her I'd say this is the place to do it." Mira hummed.  Was everyone in on this whole plan of Sora's but me  man she wasted no time in setting things up. I looked out across the rink and saw her already gliding across the ice with Shun following in toe, both of them were having a great time, Shun lifted her up a bit into his arms and pulled of a quick  spin trick before landing and setting her back down then rocketing off leaving her in a small cloud of powder. Sora wasn't about to be left behind however as she chased after him and  clung onto him.  Not far from where they were enjoying themselves, Lance was  skating along to the music with Aria, his hand holding hers as they went. They weren't doing all the fancy stuff like Shun and Sora were but they were enjoying the other's company none the less.  I started to look around for the others to see what they were doing, Ryuji, Ren, and Julie were having a snow ball fight with some of the kids. Marucho was working with Jake  up at the Santa picture booth, Jake had a big grin plastered from ear to ear on his face which just made the kids have the same, back up the gate I could see Billy, Chan, and Joe  coming in, Once Julie saw him she would be all over him no doubt.  All I could see around me was people enjoying themselves and having fun. Something I hadn't done during Christmas for a long long time now. " You guys got anything in a size 10?" I asked. Mira smiled at me as she reached under the counter and pulled out thier last pair. "If you're looking for her, she just came in on the other side. Go get her, Dragon boy." she said Ace nodded in agreement.  Taking a deep breath I found a spot to lace up before very carfully taking hold of the  rink's wall and  making my way over to the other side.  

"I think he's gonna be ok. This is Dan we're talking about here How many times have things not turned out great for him?" Ace asked.  Mira nodded as she folded her arms over her chest. "Really Sora is the one to thank for this. If not for her Dan would probaly still be a solitary heep up in his room right now. That girl has a talent for finding the best matches for people. Heh she was the one who opened my eyes to you." Ace hummed standing up to pull another pair of skates out from under the counter and handing her a pair of them. "Oh and here I thought it was my  devilishly handsome adonis like good looks that won you over." Ace said. "It was. She just was the one who woke me up to you and  helped you to work that black magic of yours." Mira purred kissing Ace on his cheek. Ace would of said more but he was already being pulled out and onto the rink. "Baron! I swear if I come back and anything is broken, missing, vandelized, blown up, or on fire I am going to kick your dumbass all the way back to Vestal then back here to Earth and back to Vestal again!" Ace yelled. "Ok Ace I hear ya loud and clear nothing is gonna." KLACK A CLANG!!! went the cash register drawer as Baron stupidly hit the open switch and  knocked it loose smacking himself in the head and scattering money everywhere. Ace groaned and held his head in agony, feeling a headache starting to come over him. "Why do I hang out with you, why do these things always happen to me?"

"Whoa, Ahh!! Oh no, ok here we go." I stammered  gripping on to the  rink wall for dear life as I slowly made my way towards where I now saw Fabia sitting putting on her own skates. As I did I looked at her  clad in a fluffy white winter coat and  pale yellow and blue gloves, a  black snow cap was tucked neatly over her head to keep her ears warm.  Looking at her now I saw that she really was a very beautiful young lady, perhaps I was just to blind in the past to see this but now I was. I couldn't help but find myself now hopeful that I would find some answers here tonight, sincerily hoping for them to be pleasent ones. "Yo Fabs!!" I called out to her, my legs still flailing about some. "Yeash Dan, Skate much?" she laughed looking at me. "On ice no, wheels yes." I said pushing myself up and finally managing to stand up straight. "Well I guess I can't blame you I've only been a few times myself and even then I was a little girl."  She  made her way out onto the ice and immidately started to have problems, even more so then me. "Whoa careful!" I  called    thrusting my arms out to  grab her before she could fall and hurt herself on the cold surface. "Whew, thanks. That would of hurt." she said "No problem, but what do you say we just keep to the rim for now. That way I can grab ahold of you faster if you start to fall again." I said Fabia nodded, "Sounds good to me."  We then started off as a new song started to play. Once we got the feel for the motions it became a lot easyer.  We started to branch out from the wall and further out into the middle of the rink. "This is pretty easy once you get the footing down." I said with a smile on my face as I put on a bit more speed, darting across the way and down again. "It's fun too, as long as you don't have to dodge in and out of huge crowds of people too." Fabia said as she wobbled about, Unlike me she wasn't doing very good at all so I was sticking close to her keeping a watchful gaze over her. "And you were on me about my skating." I chuckled as I watched her   nearly flop down on to the ground again  but I caught her just in time. "Hey give me a break I was like 6 years old last time I went skating, last time I ever went was with my Dad."  I stopped and thought back to when Fabia explained about her parents. She and Serina had lost both of them to a plague which had been sweeping across Neathia resulting in hundreds of deaths, sadly the number included thier king and queen. This was one of the reasons Serina had to take the throne at such a young age.  "Uhh sorry, I kind of forgot about that." I said Fabia shook her head and smiled up at me very cutely. "No harm done. It's not like you set out to bring it up." Fabia once showed me a picture of her and her parents, king Vizeron and queen Nikaria, Both of them seemed like they loved thier daughters very much. Her father always called them his two crown jewels, the earrings she wore all the time were gifts he had gotten her for her 6th birthday, the last year she would have with her  parents.   "Outta the way slow pokes, bullet train coming through!!!" yelled a voice which was soon followed by a speeding asshole as he rocketed down the way and  right through the two of us. "Gyahhhhh, Dan Help!!" Fabia called as she started to fall forward. "I gotcha!!" Skating around behind her I  grabbed ahold of her to keep her up but ended up falling back onto the ice and pulling her down on top of me.

"Oh Shit! I'm sorry Dan You ok?!" She asked looking at me down on the ground. "Uhh Yeah, Yeah I'm fine." I said staring, mezmerized as I looked into her green eyes, they were just so enchanting, before where you would see  intensity and fierceness in battle you only saw kindness and a slight hint of shyness to them. I could see her starting to turn red in the cheeks and couldn't help but laugh a bit it was nice to see her like this. "Umm Thanks, for catching me." She said. "No problem, But I think we better get up, we;re kind of in the way here." I Chuckled. Fabia Then shot up and  brushed off her coat before holding her hand out to pull me up. We desided to get off the rink and do something else, something a little less high impact.  The two of us found a small slightly dry bench to sit on and just collect ourselves. "Here you go, little hot chocolate to warm yourself up." I said handing her one. "Thanks." she said sipping her drink and smiling. "love this stuff." "You are a chocoholic." I said grinning as before taking a sip of my own. "How can you not be, Stuff is good." She said. I chuckled before taking a seat next to her on the bench. "Your butt ok, after that fall you took I am surprised you can sit down." Fabia asked, laughing a bit at the end. "I've been through worse, like when you judo flipped me the first time we met." Fabia turned and looked at me shocked. "That only happened twice and I barely  even  threw you that hard!" "Piff Not that hard,You left a bruise the size of Texas, I thought my ass was broken for a while." She just grinned and laughed again. "Drama queen."   We sat there for a while just listening to the music playing around us and watching the  lights starting to come on. The darkness of the night was slowly starting to over take the sky as the snow began to slow but the chill remained. "So, You having fun? If you want we can head on back over to the rink and give it another go." I said. Fabia shook her head and  looked up at the lights  blinking over head us. "Nah I think I've had enough skating for now. I'm like just sitting here, with you." She said. I felt my heart starting to beat like crazy now she was liked being alone with me, really?  It was starting to feel hot now even as cold as it was I was starting to sweat a bit Not sure what to do or say, I surprised myself big time by what I said next. "I like spending time with you like this." Once it was out there I nearly smacked a hand over my mouth sure that I had made the wrong move. Fabia just looked at me not sure of what she just heard. "I, I, ... I mean You're a really cool person a lot of fun to be around, You're really special."   She stayed silent now blushing deeper red then she was before and looking intensely my way.  "Gyah!! Wait I don't mean it like that I mean you're not ordinary, you're different. I mean I see you differently from my other friends.  D'oh! You are my friend but I just..."   "Just, what Dan?" She finally asked me  her voice full of curiousity.   I don't know how what happened next happened but it did and I still don't believe it to this day, even though I know for a fact that it  truely happened.  I took hold of Fabia's hand and held it in my own, pulling her a bit closer to me and wrapping my right arm around her and started to lean myself in closer to her. I could see both our breaths coming in ragged fast  bursts in the cold winter air the heat that had been growing inside me was a raging inferno now my heart beat was deafining to every other sound but my own voice as I told her, "I think I'm falling in love with you."  I whispered before  finally  seizing her lips in a kiss.
Bakugan Christmas Ch 8.
Dan is a bundle of nerves as he risks his future on a roll of the dice and follows through with his sister's plan.

Soon he manages to find some alone time with Fabia and the two are soon lost for words as emotions for one another stir to the surface and come to a boiling point. What will happen though when Dan finally admits he is falling for her?

will he be rewarded with a new love, or once again be crushed?
"Five, four, three, two, one... Zero! Quitting time Drago buddy let's get outta here." I said as I stood looking at the clock on the break room wall, like lightning I snatched up my coat and gloves from the table I'd laid them on and started for the nearest computer terminal to clock out then escape this  chaotic place. "I swear these little monsters are gonna be the death of me. Haven't they ever heard the phrase act your age not your shoe size?" I grumbled, "Actually that's the first time I've ever heard that one myself." Drago said floating beside me as we walked down the white tiled hallway.  "Hemm well its still early too, maybe we can go find another brawl or two down at the fight stage. would be cool if Aria and Panzer were free, or Ren and Linehalt." I said. "Personally I'd like a shot at Neo and Ryuji, we owe them some big time pay back after how they beat us last time." Drago growled as he recalled that battle and the crazy ability cards Ryuji pulled on us. Neo was still rubbing that in his face when ever she could. " We wouldn't of lost that battle if you had pulled the right cards and made sure to shuffle your deck right like I said." Grumbled the little Pyrus bakugan. "Oh no no no my friend you can't blame me it was you who couldn't land a blow on her. But then again she is so springy and bounces all over the place." I said recalling how the match was more like a comedy skit at the same time. "The other Bakugan are never going to let me live that down. Thank Vestroia Preyas wasn't there to see it that guy has a big enough mouth as it is. Last thing I need is him spreading my loss around." Drago sighed. I had to laugh at that just because of how I could definately see Preyas doing that.  I desided to go and pick Aria up early from work, Sora probably wanted a quick  make out session with Shun and I figured why not let her have her privacy.

As Drago and I walked the mall heading back the long way towards the food court we could hear the sound of bells jingling infront of some stores as people collected money for  charities and the salvation army. Music was playing to get shoppers in the spirit. Little kids faces were a glow with happiness as they munched on treats some store owners handed out to them, many of them had thier faces plastered firmly against the glass of window displays that showed the latest gadgets and toys which they would no doubt be begging for. Further up ahead you could see a gigantic Christmas tree set in the middle of the mall square all decorated up with lights of red, blue, green, purple, and yellow. Garland was strung over the branches that the lights reflected off of that light then  filtered down through the icesicle orniments and down on to the ground but the most eye catching was the brillient golden star right at the top  it would shine out long streamers of light every now and then and make you stop dead in your tracks to look up at it.  I stopped for a while to look up at it and watch at the kids below at the stand below as they worked on little orniments of thier own some to go on the tree and others to take home.  " Heh I can still remember  doing stuff like that back when I was in grade school with Sora." I said as I rested my arms on the metal railing. "You don't say, What were some you made?" Drago asked me. I had to think back on this question as it had been quite a long time since then. "I made a reindeer, a snowman,  stars a few times,... Heh but my favorite was the white ranger one I made back when I was 7 . I tell you Drago that was the first one I would dig out of the box and hang up right at the top of the tree to "protect the star."  Dad would always lift me up so I could put it up there and each time I would laugh and laugh."  I could still picture the tree back then and me holding the orniment in my hand, feeling myself being lifted up and hanging him on the branch. I could hear Sora clapping as she watched this from the couch and Mom bringing in something to warm us up a few minutes later.  Those were the days, back then when everything made sense when I didn't have a care in the entire world. "Gah, why the hell am I thinking about this now for, the past is the past and we can't go back." I grumbled. "Daniel come on now, how long are you going to keep up this mask over yourself? Even I can see this whole I hate Christmas side of you is a farce." Drago replyed. "Maybe instead of casting those memories to the side you should hold them closer and treasure them like you once did." "Thing are different now Drago, I'm not that little kid I was back then we all have to grow up at some point in our lives." I said  as I headed for the escalator and rode down to the bottom level of the mall. As I did I saw a guy and girl standing looking up at the tree together,by the way she was clinging on to his arm and resting her head on his shoulder you could tell they were an item, "Keep your guard up buddy she will be smooching you up one minute then next she'll be kicking you straight into the curb the moment she sees someone else walk by that catches her eye." I thought, hate to admit this but part of me wanted to yell it out loud, just as a warning Drago would probably stomp me into the ground if I did. Soon Grub Bucket's rancid smelling food came wafting back into my nostrils and I had to force down a retch, the sooner I got Aria and we were heading home the better. I saw her standing up at the counter talking with Lance, you could see her giggling as he was no doubt spinning one of his tall tales for her and  trying to make himself seem like a bigger hero then me. Still I kind of had a feeling Aria liked him a long time ago given that she often got home late because she was out on a date with him. This didn't bother me as much as Sora and Shun did at first, still I wasn't worried about either of them Lance and Shun were trust worthy guys. Lance then surprised Aria as he leaned over the counter and kissed her on her mouth which made her  turned her into putty in his hands. "Well Looks like Aria just got a little present early." Drago said. I nodded not sure what else to really say sometimes silence was best.

"Mmmmm,  I needed that. I don't know what it is, but I can never get enough of those kisses of yours." Aria said as she looked up into Lance's eyes as he brushed some hair out of his face. " Well how do you think I feel, having such a lovely little angel like you choose me. Out of everyone else your gaze fell onto me. I'm the one who feels like I'm in a dream sometimes." He said. Aria chuckled as she walked over to the hooks on the wall and hung up her apron. "Heard you and Ryuji battled this afternoon and you won. Wish I could of gotten away to see it." "Tell you what You and I will have a match again really soon, I wanna see how far you and Panzer have come."  Aria nodded Lance was the one who had given her Panzer as a partner he hoped that doing it would land him in good graces with her and get her more into Bakugan. "Hope you can land a hit on us this time around." Terraroid said as he opened up in Lance's hand. "You looking to start something right now Snake boy?"  barked Panzer. "I'm a dragon not a snake ya  flying flea circus." "Who you calling a flea circus ya  fire spewing garden hose reject?!" "You ya scrawny  mange ridden  toilet water slurping-" "Enough! Both of you, sheesh this rivalry between you two gets old." Lance said Panzer and Terraroid always had to one up the other in thier fight records and such sometimes it was funny other times it dragged on and just got irratating. " Panzer, you really do need to relax, the whole point of the game is to have some fun and make friends." Aria said as Panzer just huffed and  rolled back up into a ball. "Heh, I did warn you he was feisty probably what makes him a good match for you." Lance said Aria nodded, she was kind of like a blend of Runo and Fabia together with a dash of Julie put in. She would be bubble headed and friendly one minute then kicking your ass clear across the  parking lot the next. " Oh hey, Hope you don't have any plans tonight, cause Sora wanted me to tell you this." Lance then whispered what he had been told earlyer in Aria's ear, her plan and what they would all be doing tonight to kick it off. "Oh man are you serious?!, I never would of guessed them. But umm I'm not the best at well, that so... " Aria muttered as she looked down at her shoes. Lance then used his thumb to raise her head back up and lightly rubbed her cheek. "No worries ok If you fall I'll be there to catch you. We can always duck out and have a little fun for ourselves later if you like." He said. Aria nodded understanding "I just hope Sora knows what she is doing."  "You and me both, just don't tell Dan about this until later so he can't say No."

"Don't tell Dan about what later?" I asked spooking the 2 of them. "Jeez dude! Ya trying to scare the tick out of my ticker?" Lance asked. "What's this you two are going on about, ya got some kind of secret I can tell, Aria?" I said looking at her Aria had a desperately hard time of keeping secrets, She groaned as she fought the urge to just spill everything to me now. "Nuh Uh!!" she grunted shaking her head quickly "Sorry Dan dude, you know the rules, no spilling secrets until the big day."  Lance said and Aria nodded in agreement as she covered her hands over her mouth.  Now I was not the idiot they thought I was most of the time, A big red flag was going up in my head now and I would bet my  last dollar that this was Sora's doing or something. "I'm watching you two and not blinking. Come on Aria, time to head on home." I said  as  Drago and I headed off for the exit and Sora, Lance smiled and waved to us before jogging off down the  path, all the while I kept on wondering just what he and Aria had been talking about. Once we found Sora and Gayle waiting for us we started to tredge on home. It had snowed quite a bit  since we got to work this morning  and you could feel the chill in the air growing. "Brrrr! Can we put a little speed on this, I seriouly need a hot chocolate re charge." Aria said. "Quit being such a baby Aria it's not that cold. Now this though may freeze you out some." I laughed scooping up some snow and  dropping it down her coat. She started hooting and hollering like a chicken with its head cut off as she raced down the sidewalk  trying to get the snow out of her jacket. I'm not gonna lie I got a big laugh out of watching this  Sora on the other hand just groaned. "Real mature Dan." She said. "Hey she wants to get home fast how better then that?" I said. Sora groaned again before turning and looking at me with a calmer look. "Shun and I had a great time battling today, hope you and Fabs did too." "It was ok. I'm lucky she agreed to help me out how she did." I said  Sora nodded as she  put her arms behind her back and now walked faceing me, "I still say it was pretty cute how you rushed away with her in toe, kind of figured we would find you two back at the store  locking lips in the break room or something." "SORA!!! Sheesh jeez where in the heck did that come from how many times do I have to spell this out we are just friends damn it." It was one thing if Ren, Shun or Lance knew but I didn't want to imagine the fuss Julie would make or worse yet Baron he was as bad as Aria at keeping secrets, only thing was he broke stuff too. "Besides, I think you are aiming way way to high for me. Princess like her has the pick of the lot why go for a lower class guy like me?" I said. "Hemm sounds to me  she may be more then a friend to you and you just don't wanna admit it."  I said nothing, But I will admit that Sora was basicly right. I was starting to examine Fabia a bit closer now and  realized that when off the battlefield she really was a different person. She was smart and unlike Runo really wasn't that quick to temper unless pushed there, Trust worthy too you could come and tell her secrets and she would keep them  while trying her best to help you out however she could.  Other then the mis spell we had back when she first came to Earth for help she never did wrong by me, or any of us for that matter. She did leave me with quite the bruise on my rear end for a while, couldn't sit right for a week still guess it was kind of deserved.  "She is really cute when she smiles and laughs." I whispered low hoping she wouldn't hear me, I actually did really want to partner with her for the match from the start.  "Well I should tell you now Dan, Rest up when we get home cause we're meeting the others down at the square to go Ice skating." Sora said. I was an ok skater if I was on wheels but on ice i was wobbly as all get out and not too coordinated. "Count me out. Last thing I wanna do is break my neck on the ground, end up in the emergency room."  "Aww come on now, think about it, You wanna disapoint Fabs?  I already told her you would be there imagine how upset she will be." Sora said.  "Umm guys, I think we got a little problem." Aria called as we got closer to the house.

"Sora, please tell me that isn't what I think it is." I muttered with fear and desperation dripping from my voice. "Only if you tell me it isn't what I think it is." she countered. "I think that's Uncle Buzzard's pick up truck." I said grimly as I looked on the rust covered blue and white peice of crap that was sitting in the drive way along side the  crimson red Kia, that one was no doubt grandma and grandpa. They were always welcome here but if Uncle Buzzard was here then Aunt Misaki was too and that meant ... Kevin and Emi.  Going Inside the house now was no doubt a death sentience in the making but it wasn't like we could spend all day out here in the snow, Aria's chattering teeth would give us away in no time flat. "We'll go around to the back that way we can go up through the basement with out them knowing. Go in stealth ninja style." I said. "Ninja style is good that I can do." Sora whispered. The three of us then   quickly placed our Bakugan into our pockets and moved along the side of the house  sinking to the ground when ever we hit a window.  It was slow going but   we eventually made our way into, a barrage of snow balls right square in the face. "Ha ha ha ha! we got you we totally got you!!!" said my little cousin Kevin as he stuck his tounge out and blew a rasberry at us. Emi was laughing too while she held her stuffed bunny rabbit in her arms.  "Yeah real funny there Kevin, bout as funny as the pile of snow you dropped down on us last year." I said Looking back  behind me Aria was about as blue as a person could be as she stood muttering about ice in her shorts. Sora glared at Kevin and gave him an "I'm watching you look." "I told you kids not to be throwing snow balls out here. If you don't watch yourselves you aren't going to be helping out with the tree inside." Aunt Misaki warned as she came into view, she was a fairly young woman still only like 1 or 2 years younger then my mom  with silvery white hair and purple sleepy looking eyes.  It was nice to see her though but wish her kids had a little less energy. "Sorry guys, they wanted to give you a surprise when you got home but I had no idea this was what they meant. I sighed and shook the snow off my head "No harm done Misaki, just forget about it." I said as I opened up the sliding glass door and went inside. At the table my Uncle Buzzard sat talking with grandpa while grandma was helping Mom cook. I could see Dad in the living room working on unpacking the box of decorations and setting up the tree in its stand. Taking in a deep breath I smiled as I enjoyed a mixture of fresh frieser fir and mom's cookies baking in the oven. "Just in time kids. Get em while they're hot." Said grandma after she hugged us all. "Hey Danny boy, come here for a minute. Pull my finger." Said grandpa, blasting off a fart before I could even do so. "Bah ha ha ha! Beat ya to it!" he said. I laughed and hugged the old man. "You never change gramps. " "Well loss of control is the first thing to go Danny boy."  He said smiling. "That joke is older then you are ya shriveled up petrifyed old prune."  Grandma said "Ehh you just don't appreicate comedy woman. Hand me one of those there cookies." Gramps said as he got up, each step he took he farted again, which resulted in me cracking up. Sora did too but hers were more controled. Aria paled on the other hand, just like Mom. "Fart jokes are funny!!" Kevin said loudly at least the little guy got comedy

We found out that the reason they were here early was  Grandpa's check wasn't accepted at the  hotel and they had to come here and stay with us which meant that we would be shifting rooms sadly. "Your father and I will be in one room, your grandparents will be in the guest room,  Aria you will be with Kevin and Emi, Aunt Misaki and Uncle Buzzard will be in Sora's room and Sora you will be with Dan." Mom explained. "WHAT?!?!?!?!?!" Sora and I yelled. "Oh relax you two shared a room not too long ago. " Said Uncle Buzzard as he belched after draining his  coffee cup dry. "Yeah when we were like 6." I said. "Mom please can't you make Dan sleep on the couch? I gotta get my Beauty sleep and it's damn near impossible with his snoring." Sora whined. "My snoring, I'm not the one who needs like 20 stuffed animals arranged in a certain order above her bed before she can fall asleep that right there will keep you awake." I said. "No you gotta  play around with your little Power ranger dolls first." She mocked. "Action figures, and I don't play with them any more, I just clean them up and make sure the plastic is holding up ok." "Looks like playing to me." Sora said. "I'm not the one who sleeps with a teddy bear still!!" I snapped. Mom growled and  glared at us again  saying we would be sharing the room and we would be civilized to the other person's needs other wise there would be hell to pay. "I mean, I would be happy to share a room with my dear sweet little sister, who I love so much." I said  pulling Sora over to me into a hug. "Why thank you big brother, you're so kind." Mom nodded and smiled our way but I still wasn't too happy about it.

"Holy crap this thing is some kind of Fucking heavy!" I growled as I lugged an inflatable air mattress into my room while Sora did the same thing with her stuffed animals. I dropped the thing down in the middle of my floor and started to set it up, "Thanks for the help." I panted. "Hey We flipped a coin  I got heads you picked tails  tails had to carry the mattress." Sora said. Once I got the pump going I sat on my bed and  looked over at my sister as Drago and Gayle helped her set up her animals. "So, I think I've figured out you out Sis." I said  "What do you mean figured me out?" she asked. "I mean you set this whole thing up, the battle, me partnering with Fabia for it,  this Ice skating  thing. You're behind it all and you've got the others in on it too." I said. "Why Daniel. I have no idea what you are-" "Don't play dumb Sis, I know you too well. Look I know what you are doing and I honestly appreciate it but I just don't think it will work out I'm not even sure I'm Fabs type." I said  "Why do you say that, You may be a little hot headed and  irratating when you get on your brawling trips but other then that you are about an A -, B+ on the catch chart." She said. "I'm a common guy, Not royal, not a knight, for all I know she just sees me as a friend or a cling on to the group she had to put up with." I said now laying on my back with my arms behind my head. "Dan, don't talk about yourself like that, Keep in mind Fabs isn't Runo. I've gotten to know her well enough to know she wouldn't stab a guy in the back like that." Sora finished up her arranging before coming over to the bed and sitting beside me. "I happen to know she holds you in high regards. Not just for the past but in general." I took what Sora said to heart and remembered it, still I couldn't help but feel some doubt about  putting myself back out there Last thing I wanted was for this to blow up in my face and look like a fool again. "You never know what will happen until you put yourself out there Dan. For all you know this could be the one that sticks with you forever, and if not then you keep going and keep looking until you find her." Sora replyed with a smile as she  rubbed me on the shoulder. I looked up at my little sister and saw a deep resonating confidence in her gaze. We stayed there silent for a while before she got up and started to put her winter gear back on to go meet the others. "Please come along with us Dan, Please?" she asked I sat up and thought about what she said. "I can't deny it, I guess I have been hiding from this side of me, The side that was attracted to Fabia out of fear but I couldn't be afraid forever. I'd made up my mind I was going to take the shot and see where it went tonight. "Lead the way Sis."  I said doing the same as her and following her down stairs, all the while I could feel my stomach starting to churn with uncertainity "Well here goes nothing."
Bakugan Christmas Ch 7.
Dan is now more confused then ever if he truly likes Fabia or not. He is locked in a battle with wanting to see for himself and with his memories of the past. But thankfully for him his Sister Sora, Drago and his friends are there to do their part and help him out.

As Sora sets up an Ice skating date for the gang tonight Dan gathers his courage to try and see if he has a chance with this other worldly young maiden.

"Probably my longest chapter yet for this story, was up all night writing it. Please enjoy."
As soon as she got back to the store, Sora was eager to put the next stage of her plan into effect but first she wanted to let the others know what exactly it was and what had happened so far. The last thing she wanted though was for Dan or Fabia to come by and over hear them as they were talking, so she sent out a quick text message telling them to come and meet her and Shun on the back loading dock. She was currently hiding out there with Shun, Hawktor and Gayle hidden from sight by the large metal holding shelves and piles of boxes it was a prefect meeting and hiding place as hardly any workers came back here. "Ok, I understand. Yeah that will be great. Gotcha we're waiting for your call. Ok Bye." Shun said as he hung up his phone. "Mira, Aria,and Ace aren't gonna be able to make it here. Baron's apparently locked himself in the storage freezer at Grub bucket and broken the handle on the inside so they gotta figure out how to get him out. She said when she got a chance she would talk with you on Skype later today and you could fill them in then."Shun said. Sora chuckled as she  shook her head in disbelief, "Broke the handle on the inside of the freezer door, jeez Baron is there anything you won't destroy or break?" Sora asked grinning. "That guy is kind of like a walking talking wrecking ball if you ask me. He breaks pretty much everything  he touches." Gayle replyed. "How do his teammates even put up with him?  If you ask me it's a miracle he hasn't put anyone in the hospital yet." Hawktor added. " He did send me into an emergency dentist visit once." Shun said as he pulled back his lower lip and pointed to 5 teeth, 3 along the top row and 2 in the bottom, "Dan, Ace, Baron and I were just goofing off and throwing a baseball around to each other once and he kind of put too much power behind it. He ended up smashing me right in the mouth and broke these 5 teeth rigth out of my head. The ones I have here are fakes." "Ouchie! That had to hurt and I bet you weren't too happy given how much you hate dentists." Sora said. Shun groaned as he thought about laying back and going up in that "Accursed chair." as he called it shivering a bit as he did so partially from the cold of the loading dock as well though. Sora however was more then happy to help with that. she walked up behind him and draped herself over his back and shoulders kissing him on the cheek as she did so. Shun let out a low purring  groan and reached a hand up to his shoulder to grab hold of hers. Sora was now smiling and blushing. She always felt so safe and relaxed when she was alone with Shun  he just brought out that side of her, made her forget about anything that was troubling her. "You know its really nice of you to do this for your big brother, it shows that even though you two may butt heads like a pair of stubborn mules that he's important to you." Shun said, Sora smiled and nodded slightly it was true Dan was more then just a brother or  family member to her he was a friend and she wanted to do what ever she could to help him get back his holiday cheer and see him back to his old self again. That didn't make pairing him up with one of her best friends though any less weird. "Hey, Sora. Don't tell Dan I said this but, when we were on Neathia he and I were talking once and he kept mentioning you a lot, he wished that you were there with us saying that we could use your skills. He really does have high regards for you." Sora  felt a new warmth start to over take her and wrap around her the knowledge of how her big brother valued her, wanted her by his side even in a battle, that made her feel happy and made her wish for this plan of hers to work out even more so. "Heh, as much as I'd like to stay like this it looks like we have guests." Shun chuckled as he motioned to  Julie, Marucho, Jake, Lance, Ryuji, and Ren heading thier way.

Julie rushed ahead of the boys and bounced about  excitedly up and down in front of Sora. "So, so, so?? Don't leave me in suspence how did the brawl go, what about your brother is he crushing on her like you said what are we gonna do now?!?" "Whoa there girl take it easy will you don't forget to breath." Lance said as he made her stop bouncing like a kangaroo. "Well to answer your question Julie. Yeah I'd say Dan definately attracted to her somewhat, the match proved it when he and Drago covered for her and by the way they planned out thier moves. Sadly it's clear that he is not  sure how to move forward from here." Sora answered. "Man I'm always the last one to find out these things." Marucho  said, "I'm not so sure about this dudes. I always thought those two were like Cereal and Gravy  both good by themselves but together all you get is a nasty mess." Jake replyed. "I mean How do you know you weren't imagining all this Sora, seeing what you want to see?"  Sora nodded Jake did have a point  but she was going on her gut here and she just had to go with it. "I can vouch for her, Dan came to me earlyer before the match and we talked a bit. I said if there is even a sliver of a chance he should take it after all everyone deserves to be have someone they love by thier side." Ren added. Sora knew she could count on Ren's support and greatly thanked him for it. " Now then, here is what we have to do first."

While the others were busy discussing Sora's Plan Fabia was just wandering around the store humming rather happily to herself as she waited for the clock to count down to  zero so they could get off work and finally have some fun. Her face was plastered over with a smile as she played around with the candy cane piece she held there. "I must say Princess, You seem rather chipper now, that match must of been just what you needed." said Aranaut who was riding on her shoulder. "Yeah it was the first time I'd used a fighting stage like that, still can't believe how far they've come with them but we shouldn't be surprised really given that Marucho and Ren are  the ones who designed it." The two of them worked with Marucho's father's company to design the mall fight stage combining everything they knew about Neathian, Gundalian and Earth technology together to create a safe and fun  battling experience for any one who wanted to try it out. "I just have  a feeling Sora is going to be gunning for some pay back soon. She does hate to lose." Fabia said as she stopped to straighten up a shelf full of stuffed animals.  "Though now that I think about it, If Dan hadn't of came and helped me out when he did with that defense card Aranaut would of taken quite a bit of damage and we probably never would of won. He was majorly responsible for it." She closed her eyes and could still see herself battling along side him on the platform and hear his voice as he called out  battle moves for Drago.  He never once gave up or was willing to admit defeat even when thier stratagy fell apart he was a guy who was willing to fight to the very end with his last bit of power. Drago wasn't much different either his friendship with Dan was without a doubt one of thier greatest strengths as well as the deep trust they shared. As she continued to look back at the fights she had seen them in  Fabia started to feel her heart beating a tad differently then it had before . It was going faster more intense, she never said it to any of the other brawlers back on Neathia but she greatly enjoyed it when she could manage to get Dan by himself and  could spend alone time with him. It was one of the few things that actually allowed her to forget about the problems they had to deal with at the time and let her just be herself. She didn't have to be a warrior around him or a princess like she did around most of the castle knights and her subjects. Around Dan she could just be Fabia, The only other person who made her feel this way... was Jin.  "Yo Fabs!!" Called Sora as she and Julie appeared from behind her. "There you are we;ve been looking all over for you." Julie said. "Heh Just killing time until  we get outta here, I kind of wanna get away from these kids for a bit I may like them but sheesh tone down on the sugar a bit." Aranaut had to agree   far too often for his liking one of them would try and grab him up as thier desired present to be set under the tree. " So, my Brother seemed pretty quick to rush you back here and you weren't exactly fighting it either you actually looked like you were enjoying him holding your wrist like that." Sora said. "So, what was up with that? You like him or something?" Julie asked as she started to laugh a bit louder. Fabia however was stuttering  totally at a loss for an answer sure she had to admit Dan was rather good looking in her eyes but at the same time she wasn't too sure if that was from a true attraction to him or just a childish crush.  "You had a sort of glow about you when he  said he would be fighting with you  in the match. You do seem to like it when he is with you too, " "Ok  are you two going any where with this or are you just hackling me?!" Snapped the  dark blue haired girl as she spun to face him. "I'll admit it, I think Dan is cute ok, I started to back during the Gundalian war, and i really missed him a lot when he and the Brawlers left. I Kind of come back here a lot so I can see him again." she said now turning away from her friends. "I'm just not sure though I can't help but wonder does he even see me as something more then a friend, and at the same time what would Jin say or of felt?"  

"Princess, I am certain that Jin would want you to move on by now. He once mentioned to me that if anything should happen to him in battle. Should he be taken away from you that You should allow yourself time to greive for him but also to heal and allow yourself to find another. If the Human boy is one you have chosen then I see no reason to hesitate." Aranaut said. "But, ugh... But what if something happens like it did with Jin? I don't know if I could deal with that pain again." Fabia said. Sora smiled and put a hand on her friend's shoulder making her turn and look at her, "Fabs. Dan takes risks on a regular basis but I know for a fact he isn't going to go down with out a fight that guy has more lives then a cat. Besides. I think honestly you being with him will do him as much good as it will you."  Fabia then hummed gain What Sora was saying did make sense just what was the best way to see if she liked Dan this way and if he liked her. "Don't you worry about a thing, I've got it all figured out right up here." Sora said tapping on her head.
Bakugan Christmas Ch 6.
Now that her theory seems to have some good solid findings to it Sora is ready to set her plan into motion but just what will her first step be?

"Wanted to make this longer but things are kind of hectic around my place now so will update when I can.
"Alright!!! Everyone having a good time out there?!" Called the MC over the speaker system, The spectators erupted forth with thunderous roars of excitement all of them eager to see the next battle and see if thier chosen Brawlers would taste the sweetness of victory or fall down to defeat. " Well that answer that question, so if you better hold on to your seats then cause the next match is about to start!!"  As I looked out on the battlefield I felt my lips part in a small grin of eagerness, I was ready to start brawling now, it had been quite a while and I needed this to shake off some of my holiday funk. "You're getting excited aren't you Dan?" I heard Drago ask me from down in my hand where I was holding him. "I can see the fire starting to burn in your eyes again, I can see the old you starting to come back up to the surface.  A good brawl can do strange things  maybe even help you to answer some questions that may be troubling you."  I wanted to say that nothing was troubling me and that Drago was spouting  nonsense sadly I didn't have the right words though. I will say it was starting to get a little irratating that everyone was telling me how to be, Last time I checked it was my choice to be either happy or brooding no one ever told Shun to stop brooding so why was it wrong for me to be that way too? "Dan? Are you listening to me? Hello!" Said Fabia as she waved a hand in my face and snapped me out of my trance, "Huh wha?" "Heh heh, You kind of zoned out on us there for a bit. Come on we need to get down to the fight  stage. Unless you plan to fight up here." She laughed. I quickly looked around and saw that I was still standing up in the back row of seats, Sora and Shun were already down on thier platform waiting for me to wake up and get a move on Sora was tapping her foot in  irratation as she motioned for me to  hurry up. "Sorry about that, Let's get this party started and  drop kick those two into Loserville." Fabia  smiled at me again and nodded as we headed down on to the field.

"Ok Folks, the next match will be  a tag team match, and not only that but we have a sibling smack down too. In one corner we have the master of fire and one of the best known  Brawlers in the world You all know him as leader of the Battle brawlers The one, the only Dan Kuso!!!" Called the MC as the platform Fabia and I stood on rose up into the air, "Fighting with him today is his team mate and  off worlder friend, The fiesty Haos brawlers princess Fabia Sheen. But thier Opponents aren't slouches by any means In the other corner we have the silent and stealthy Ninja fighter and second in command Shun Kazami fighting along side Dan's own little sister, a rising star Brawler who has climbed the ranks faster then any other player we've seen in a while Sora Kuso!!!"  I stared down my sister who  was grinning confidently at me from across the battlefield I could see her desire to win in her eyes, she cracked her neck and knuckled before pulling a gate card from her  card holder on her belt. " You all know the rules,  brawlers are allowed 1 bakugan, 1 trap bakugan if they choose to use one, and 1 battle gear. In a tag battle  the game is only over when  both brawlers on the opposite team have been  defeated But enough talk lets get to battling Elevate the playing field!!" The  fight stage started to raise up into the air again and the energy shield was  re activated so it was time to get to work. "Gate card, Set!!!!" the four of us called throwing out 4 glowing cards on to  the plat forms, they glowed red, green and yellow before  expanding out and vanishing from sight. " Bakugan Brawl, Bakugan stand!!!!"  "Let's go for it Drago!" I yelled as my buddy took form in a blaze of red hot fire and roared loudly into the air, Aranaut soon stood by him on the  platform   taking a fighting stance. "You ready to do this Aranaut?" He asked. "More then ready, I'm raring to go."  Replyed the human like fighter. Over head in the sky Hawktor and Gayle were already in position and poised to strike. "BATTLE START!!!"

Almost immidately the two Ventus Bakugan  shot down at us like missiles from a fighter jet and forced Drago and Aranaut on to seperate fight areas. Drago was going after Gayle while Aranaut took Hawktor. "I'll kick us off first you follow suit ok?" Shun asked and Sora nodded. "Abilty activate, Cyclone defense!!" Hawktor's body was enveloped in  a swirling   gust of air which formed like a suit of armor over him protecting him from attacks he then   flew at Aranaut and landed a quick series of punches and kicks before taking off again just out of reach, "That wind armor is going to be a problem to deal with." Drago said " Don't worry about me I can handle it, You just focus on Gayle." Aranaut said as he  jumped and   went for a knee jab to Hawktor's stomach. The wind armor kept the blow from landing though and Aranaut instead took the damage he would have.  "I wouldn't under estimate the power of Wind if I were you. It may cost you more then you think." Hawktor said. "Drago move!" I called as Gayle came   ramming into  him and taking him to the  ground,  thier claws locked into place and they started grappling with each other trying to gain leverage over the other. "That's the way Gayle, Don't let him get loose!" Sora said, Drago snarled as he   tryed to wrench his hands free from Gayle's grip,  He finally managed to as he shot forth a fiery blast from his mouth, Gayle sadly only took half the shot's damage before escaping. "Ability activate, Blaze buster!!" Drago's wings caught fire and  he  flew at Gayle  slashing at him with a super quick move before he could defend.  Then launched another fire blast from  closer range. Gayle wasn't about to let that slide  he  dove down and flew close to the ground as fast as he could to find a better attack angle to hit Drago from. " Ability activate, Snuff out!" Sora called. Drago's flames were starting to die down as the air was being pulled away and up into Gayle's mouth where a glowing green ball was forming, Once big enough Gayle launched the attack at Drago  and he went down hard. "Oh snap, You ok there man?!" I asked. Drago grumbled as he got up off the ground and shook his head. "Better then Gayle is gonna be in a minute." he snapped.  Aranaut meanwhile was trading blows with Hawktor, his wind armor was dispelling as the card's effect wore off. "Princess, We should strike now while he is vulnerable!"  "I got just the thing here, Ability activate, Vector fist!!" Aranaut gained his  bladed gauntlets and wasted no time in attacking Hawktor with them. "Double ability activate, Mirage up plus  shining thunder force!!" Both these ablilities together would  double Aranaut's Gs and his speed the blades on his gauntlets crackled with lightning as he stuck Hawktor twice down his chest, carving a big X mark into him.

"Tricky Fabia, but You didn't think about this, Gate card Open! Healing breeze!!" Healing Breeze reversed any damage taken to a Ventus Bakugan and restored 500 points to them  while draining it from thier opponents. "Damn it! Aranaut get out of the way quick." Fabia snarled too late. Hawktor flapped his large wings about and sent several feathers shooting down at Aranaut, his feathers were razor sharp as stars and the poor Haos Bakugan had no way to avoid the attack unless I did something. "Drago, Quick we gotta move now. Ability activate Inferno shield!!" Drago created a fiery shield in his hands and jumped infront of his partner as Hawktor's feathers harmlessly burned up hitting it. He then followed up with a head butt and forced him away. "Thank you my friend." He said  "Don' t thank me just yet we haven't won this match yet." Gayle and Hawktor were now flying around opposite each other in a circle and stirring up quite a storm at that.  The  two of them were forming into a funnel cloud that threatened to suck both Bakugan up into it and spew them clear out of the battle field. "Fabs,  I have an idea,  you remember that  battle back on Neathia, the one were we were pinned down by Stoica and Airzel's forces?" I said as I thought up a counter move for this. " I don't know, that move was risky  and besides if it fails  we could be throwing the game." Said the blue haired girl as she desperately looked to see if she had a card that could counter this attack. "There's no time, Listen Drago and I will create an opening in the  wind  once we do, you and Aranaut  take the shot and bring them down, You gotta trust me If anything goes wrong I will fix it." I said. I could see un certainty in her eyes this stratagy did have big risks but it was all we had. "Let's go for it." she finally said.

First thing we needed was to gear up, it would take some serious fire power to break through that  wall of air. "Battle gear boost!!" we called  sending out the crossbuster and the battle crusher, Once equiped Drago    spread out his wings wide and  flew up to  face the whirl wind. " Ability activate, Fiercesome flex!!" Drago started glowing red as he  thrust his hands into the whirlwind   taking some  damage but the flex card was  able to negate half of it. Drago had to litterally tear open the wind storm to get at Hawktor and Gayle inside   this was what we did to get Strikeflyer and Lytherious before. Strikeflyer had used the wind to protect both of them and mix with Lytherious's water to make ice. While there was no water here the job was harder because of the wind's double power  "Come on Drago you can do it man just a little more." Begged watching at the  hole started to form. "Oh no you don't!"  BAM!!!!   Out of no where Gayle broke through the wall and  smashed into Drago  sending him back down to the ground   biting him on the neck as he did so. " Heh, I heard from Hawktor how you and Aranaut beat Strikeflyer and Lytherious with this move. so we made our own version We draw you in and then once you make the hole I would strike back. Not a bad idea if I say so!" Gayle's long whip like tail  then   wrapped around Drago and started to squeeze him making it impossible for him to   get a clear shot with his battle gear. "Too bad so sad Danny boy looks like this battle is all ours." Sora said. "Gate card open! Sun light Recharge!!!" Fabia's gate card then opened up and Drago was powered up from it enough to free himself from Gayle's grip  "Sunlight recharge is a gate card that effects all Pyrus and Haos Bakugan on the field it allows them to gain an extra 100 Gs and lets us both  get 1 card back from our used pile." Fabia said. I looked at the card I had gotten back this could turn the tide for us, If played right that is.

Drago  grabbed Gayle tail and  forcefully  ripped himself free  throwing him up back into the weaker whirlwind wall and brought Hawktor down with it. " Nice thinking Fabs, But now you better give me some room cause this is gonna be big." I said as she nodded pulling Aranaut back. "Gate card open! Elemental cycle!!" This card  granted Drago 100 Gs for each different attribute on the field   and with 3 he gained 300 right there and combined with the other cards I had, this game was about over. "Triple abilty activate, Boosted dragon, plus Dragonic Fire storm, plus, Cross buster neo!!!!" Drago felt the huge surge in power courseing all through his body as he  took aim with his battle gear and  fired the twin cannons on his back engulfing both Hawktor and Gayle in red energy and forcing them back into ball form. "Game over! Winners Dan Kuso and Fabia Sheen!" Called the   system.  "Heh Done like Dinner." I  grinned, too my surprise though Sora wasn't looking too upset at losing the match as we were lowered back down she actually looked pretty happy. " You see that, they were in synch pretty well with each other  picking cards that would benifet both of thier play styles." Shun whispered. "This proves my theory. Now we can  start the real plan." Sora snickered.

" Whoo baby! That was a great Brawl. I needed that big time." I said as the four of us  headed back to work, our battle had taken a bit longer then expected so I had no doubt that we were going to get chewed out by Ren  big time. " It was pretty fun." Fabia said  "Drago's gotten  a lot stronger since the Gundalian wars, You have too Dan I can tell you've grown up a lot." I stammered a bit as my eyes darted all around not sure what to say really. "Well thanks but I probably couldn't of won with out that Sunlight recharge card of yours. That was what helped me to break free from Sora's grip. I'm glad I chose you as my partner Fabs thank you." "You don't need to thank me Dan, I'm just glad we won." She said "Well You did win, but I have to say the best part of the fight was seeing how quick Drago and You were to  jump in and Protect Fabia and Aranaut from Hawktor's attack." Shun said with a smerk at the end. "Very noble of you, Like a knight protecting his princess." Sora added. "Gyaugh, It wasn't anything like that I just did it on an instinct is all. I didn't want to lose the Brawl."  I wasn't being completely true here. I did want to win but I couldn't just stand by while she needed help  that was a cheap move to pull and besides... I was kind of starting to hope that the chance of her maybe liking me wasn't about as good as a Snowball's in Hell. I looked over at her again out of the corner of my eye and saw her blush and giggle again. "Well call it what you want I thought it was a sweet thing to do." She said. "Rrrragh! Come on already everyone stop making it out to be more then it was ok!!!"  Shun and Sora  looked at both of us with  nodding looked and hummed, "Rrrr, come on Fabs let's get go these two are starting to creep me out." I said  taking her  wrist gain and pulling her a head, Drago and Aranaut  hung back with Sora and Shun. "Heh You know your suppose to be holding Your Girlfriend's hand not wrist Danny?!" Sora called. "NOT MY GIRLFRIEND!!!" I snapped back, feeling extremely confused after words. "Ok dude, Time to think what is going on, if you like her maybe you should try to see how she feels about you but just. What should I do, I can't just come out and ask her that is a bone head move and if I let her slip by..." One thing was for sure I had to figure out what was the right move next other wise this whole thing was going to drive me bonkers.
Bakugan Christmas Ch 5
The time to fight has come as Dan and Fabia take on Sora and Shun in a  tag team smack down. After the match though Dan is plagued by even more questions then before is it possible he is starting to see the blue haired Neathian is more then just a friend and if so what about her?

And what exactly does Sora have planned  next will it hopefully restore her brother to his former  holiday loving self or will it goe up in flames?
"A battle? Right here right now?" I asked, I was actually a little shocked by how direct and forceful Sora's challenge was see she was normally on the receiving end of one of them  not the delievering end. Of course this said nothing for her actual brawling skills, once the some other  Brawler had made the mistake of  challenging her Sora normally pounded them and thier Bakugan into the ground with in a few minutes so she was an extremely powerful fighter. I have to be honest she's actually clobbered me more then once as well... I'm not going to give the actual number though I'll just say a lot. As I was thinking about my response she kept spinning Gayle on her finger tip and grinning in a confident way at me. " Oh what's wrong Danny? You scared of getting beaten by your little sister again?" she taunted. "Piff as if,  I could take you with hardly an effort!" I said, instantly regretting having said that, Still I have never once run from a battle in my life and I wasn't going to now. " Heh Drago hasn't had very much fight time lately I'm betting that's caused him to get rusty I can take him with one claw!" Gayle   said as he opened up and  floated on to Sora's shoulder. "Don't get over confident Gayle This old dragonoid still has a few tricks left up his  sleeves." Drago said.   "Well then How about we make this interesting and make it a double battle, we each can pick one person to fight a long side us and we win when both brawlers on the other team are out." Sora suggested. Shun nodded as he  placed an arm around her shoulder. "I like the way you think there, Sora. You can count on me to have your back." Sora nodded as she  looked at me again and chuckled. "That takes care of my partner so who you gonna choose?"  Who was I going to choose to battle with, two Ventus battlers together was almost gurenteed that they would  rule the sky during the  match so Drago would more or less be grounded I needed someone with power and quick instincts to help me out here, Just then I felt my stomach growl again reminding me of my growing hunger. "Ba ha ha ha ha ha!!! Think your guys match better wait until after you eat, Cause knowing you Dan you won't be able to think straight from hunger." Fabia laughed as she pushed me towards the food court. She did hit the nail on the head there, Food was a major weakness when you were hungry and Bakugan demanded a player's full concentration I needed my brain food. " Once I fuel up I'll find a partner and meet you two over at the fighting stage, Be ready for a whooping Sis!!!" I called. "Oh Same to you Bro!!"

" Soooooooo, Hungry. Need food now." I moaned as I heard an even louder growl come from my stomach it felt like forever since I had last eaten something. "Dan, you do know you wolfed down a huge chocolate Donut like 10 seconds before rushing out the door, right?" Drago asked. "Yeah well I burned most of that up in getting here Besides those are empty calories Drago, Heh Bakugan don't need to eat anyway, Do you??" I asked  I'd never really thought about it before but what did they live on, wasn't like a plastic ball could really eat anything but what did you feed a  huge fire breathing dragon anyway, by the look on Drago's face he wasn't too sure himself either. I turned to get some input from Fabia and Aranaut and all I got were confused looks and shrugs. Thinking about this any longer would just make my head hurt and I had enough to think about as it was right now.  So I wasted no time in  grabbing up a triple decker chili cheeseburger and side of fries, I was battling my sister after all so I needed the energy I just sunk my teeth into that  bad boy and   ripped a huge bite out in a flash quickly chomping it down. " Oh yeah that's the stuff." I said. " Gyuck! Dan! Mind being a little neater with the chewing Please I'd rather not get Chili sauce all over myself  and stink like it during battle." Drago said. " His table manners are quite abhorent if you ask me." Aranaut muttered shaking some dripped chili off his foot. Fabia grimaced a bit as she chewed more controlled on her veggie wrap in front of me, I guess I was going a bit over board I sat my sandwich down and quickly wiped off the dripping sauce from my mouth.  "Ah heh heh, Sorry about that, Guess I've been hanging around with Jake too long in the food court, that dude just dives right into his burgers." I said. "Yeah he kind of does. Still You can't help but like the big oaf." I nodded as the two of us shared a laugh together. "He is one of your best friends, sort of like how your sister is one of mine. I'm sure if you asked he would battle with you in the match." I hummed, While Jake and Cordem were  definately dependable on attack power and defense, Subterra wasn't the best thing to fight Ventus with, Earth really wasn't much use against Wind.  " I don't know, Besides. I don't think he's gonna be done eating any time soon." I said motioning with my head at him as he  glugged down a 7th Burger in a bucket from Grub bucket.  "He actually can eat that slop?" Fabia asked covering over her mouth, she looked like she was going to be sick if she didn't look away soon.  "I see your point, Well... What about Ace, or Baron?"  I hummed Ace may of been the best choice out of the two of them  With Percival being a Darkus Bakugan his any my cards would play off of each other and let us make some killer moves in the process, But Baron and Nemus weren't bad choices either Haos was proven effective against Ventus still Baron was an idiot so I would have to spend most of the match covering for him and  making up for his bone headed mistakes.  Just then a loud boom came from the Grub Bucket   stands and a horrible smell of burnt food came wafting into the area. " I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH THAT YOU DUMBASS!!!!!" Ace yelled at Baron  who stupidly broke an important lever to one of the  friers, which was now over flowing hot grease all over the place. "I didn't mean too, after all who the heck put a giant lever right in the middle of the walk way?" "IT'S PAINTED BRIGHT FUCKING RED, AND IT'S NOT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE WALK WAY UNLESS THE MIDDLE IS RIGHT INTO THE  FUCKING  WALL!!!!!!!" While Ace tryed to explain to Baron why it was that the mess was his fault it fell on poor Aria and Mira to clean it up since it was clear that they weren't about to do it. " Oooookay, so Baron is out and Ace and Aria are indisposed."  Fabia said with a hum. Ren was back at work so he couldn't do it, Marucho was no doubt in a battle right now same as Julie and wouldn't be done for a while. I was kind of running out of possible partners to fight with, but there was one other choice left open to me, Still asking wasn't with out its risks as well given how I was feeling from earlyer, this could turn out to be either a good idea or a total disaster that would blow up in my face.

"Umm What about you, Fabia?" I asked  making her turn and look back at me. "Sorry Dan I wasn't listening  what was that?" she asked  "I was asking why don't you fight with me in the match later?" I could tell she was surprised by this but I didn't know if that was from  truely not thinking of herself or if she was trying to lead me on to choose her from the start by eleminating the other choices I had. Regardless of this I had a good solid shot at winning with Fabia and Aranaut given how as Ren pointed out we did fight well together back during the Gundalian invasion." Fabia nodded, considering the fact that I had just pointed out to her, "Plus, you did mention you missed hanging out like we did in the past, so why not  reconnect in a battle?" I asked. I was starting to feel my heart beat speeding up again as I sat waiting for her answer and hopeful she would accept my idea, What if she didn't though was that proof I was wasting my time trying to see if she and I could..."Hemm Ok then, Why not it could be fun after all." she said  smiling at me as she tilted her head to the side some. "Alright!!" I nearly shouted gulping down what was left of my soda before jumping up, grabbing Drago and Fabia by the wrist then racing off to the fight stage.  As we bobbed in and out of shoppers I wasn't even aware of how red the blue haired Neathian girl's face was turning  now. I was in the thrill of getting to battle soon and nothing else at the moment.

Soon we came to a large open part of the mall, Here there was no ceiling and several circular stands  all centered around a deep pit out in the center of the floor. Hovering over the pit was a round Multi layered fighting stage  Each platform was colored to match the Bakugan's colors depending on which attribute was battling there on it. As for the Brawlers they stood on  square shaped floating spaces while they played. Over head a referee was  keeping a close eye on the fight as it played out. " How about that, we got here in time to see  Lance and Ryuji's fight." Fabia said  Out on the stage Lance's Bakugan, Pyrus Terraroid and Ryuji's Bakugan Darkus Neo Salamandra were going at it. Terraroid was a chinese dragon like  Bakugan with thick lion mane like hair growing around his neck and a long sharp sword like tail, As for Neo Salamandra, or Neo as Ryuji called her she was a four legged lizard like bakugan with three horns, one sticking out of her forehead and two off to the sides as well as spikes and a club like tail.  Both of which were powerful Bakugans from Neathia.  " Ablility activate!  Dragonic gun fire!!" Lance yelled out as he held out a  glowing red card, Terraroid  shot up into the air, his long body spiraling around him  and unleashed a torrent of fire from his mouth down at Neo who was able to block using  black and purple energy shield. Terraroid then quickly desended down  attacking with his tail from every angle he could, Neo was trying her best to fend him off with her own tail and horns though. "Sorry about this Ryuji my man, but this game is mine!" Lance said. "Oh I wouldn't be too sure about that, Ability activate! Shadow curse!" "Try this on for size, Terraroid!" Neo said as she blew out a black cloud of smoke and forced him to land back on the ground where she rammed into him with her horns and sent him  flying onto another platform. " Shadow curse takes 300 Gs from the opponent's base power as well as nullifys any ability cards they had used before hand." Fabia said. "Ryuji knows how to use darkness to his advantage. Neo is a perfect match for him." Aranaut said. Neo had leapt on to the other platform by this point and was now racing to attack Terraroid who only just got air born again in time. He fired a glowing red energy ball down at her again and followed it up with a bite to the neck. "Heh Lance isn't too bad himself either, Ryuji is gonna need a back up plan if this goes on much longer." I thought

"That's the way Terraroid! Take her down!!" Lance yelled as he  reached for his next cards on his deck pouch. "Gate card open! Swirling Darkness revival!!" Ryuji said Before  both him and Lance 5 cards appeared and  shuffled them selves back into thier decks. "Swirling darkness's effect lets us both regain up to 5 ability cards we already used in this game, however we can't exactly choose which ones we want so it's totally at random." Ryuji explained. "Not bad my friend, but Don't forget I can play the dark way too, You know what to do buddy!!" Lance said. "Yep Time to make a change. An attribute change to be exact, Attribute change, Darkus!!!" In a flash of light Terraroid had changed to black in color and was now the same attribute as Neo. " Wow I totally forgot he could do that,"I said.  "Along with his natural Pyrus form Terraroid can also shift to either Ventus, Haos, or Darkus in  nature, he's a really special Bakugan not a lot of them can do that like he can. Why do you think I've never beaten him before?" Fabia said. But Lance wasn;t stopping there as he pulled out a small  object from his side and  grinned. " Looks like they're bringing out the big guns now." Drago said.  "Battle gear boost!!" Both Lance and Ryuji called out as they threw thier  gears out on to the battlefield and equipped them.

Lance's gear, the Ballistix was a series of cannons on Terraroid's shoulders and fore arms while Ryuji's gear, the Cyber scissor was a set of blades and in hanced armor for Neo along her chest and tail.  Terraroid  roared as he released Neo from his hold and took back to the air locking on to his target as he did so. "Battle gear ablilty activate! Ballistix bombardment!!!! All  six of Terraroid's cannons shot forth with  purple light and slammed into Neo  doing some serious damage to her, thank fully the inhanced armor managed to  keep her from more serious harm. " That all you got Terraroid? I barely felt that one!" she said Terraroid growled as he started to fire attacks down in rapid sucession both from his own power and his battle gear, Neo was faster though as she   built up speed and lowered her blades down into position. "Battle gear ablity activate! Cyber scissor cross cut!!" Terraroid was  slashed into by the razor sharp double edged blades  on Neo's sides which took part of his gear off as well but he also  did the same to her with his tail blade. " Ability activate! Dark Lightning burst!" Ryuji said  holding out a new card.  that would let him gain 700 Gs and force Lance's battle gear to dis engage itself, given that both gears had taken damage  it didn't really matter though. "Counter ablilty activate! Malfunction!!"  This card would do the exact same effect to Ryuji's battle gear, both of which were laying in heeps on the battle field  so while Neo lost the power from that  the ability card still was in effect.  Terraroid too the  lightning attack dead center but followed it up with a fire blast of his own. Both Bakugan were tired and panting  having enough for one last attack maybe 2 given what cards thier partners used. "I'm gonna end this right now, Ryuji, You're gonna regret giving me back those cards from my used pile, Lance said. " Double ability activate!! Burning impact plus Wildfire out break!!!" Burning impact would change Terraroid back to his pyrus form and give him an added 400 Gs while Wildfire out break burned 3 of ryuji's cards keeping him from being able to counter or defend.  "Say goodnight Neo cause its bed time!" Terraroid said as he  started spinning in a circle in the air, his body a flame and came crashing down into Neo's path.

That was all she wrote Neo was forced back into ball form and Ryuji's lifegauge hit zero. "Game over! Winner Lance and Terraroid!" said the  system. The kids cheered loudly as both the fighters plat forms and the fight field was lowered back into the pit and the energy dome over the field which protected the crowd was de activated. Lance and Ryuji quickly recovered thier partners and shook hands with each other. "Nice match man you almost had me there for a while." Said Lance, "Next time will be different, you can count on that." Ryuji said with a grin. I was amazed by thier battle. It had gotten me really psyched up for my match against Sora and Shun, plus with Drago and Fabia battling with me there was like no way I could lose.  "So, you found yourself a partner, you ready to rumble  big bro?" Asked Sora as she and Shun appeared behind us. "Three words sis, Bring, it, on."
Bakugan Christmas Ch 4.
Dan has been challenged to a tag team battle with his sister Sora and Shun, so he has to find a partner quickly but with everyone else busy he may have to  take a risk and ask Fabia and Aranaut for help.

Given his current state however one has to wonder if this idea is a good one and if the whole battle is part of Sora's so called plan or not.

The battling brawlers Lance and Ryuji belong to me and my good friend CRB 145 respectively as well as our Oc Bakugans Terraroid and Neo.

while Sora and gayle belong to Solar sensei.
BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Well today is officially Halloween one of the 3 best holidays in the year. other 2 being Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I would just like to wish all my online friends a happy and safe Halloween and hope you have some fun and scares. please enjoy the day and enjoy it. I got some new story ideas in the works for you too so keep watch

will say a few see what you think

bakugan, "The one I promised but delayed due to no inspiration"

lbx "Good new show on nicktoons I recommend it if you like robots."

maybe a fairy tail not sure way behind on this show.

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Likes: Women, Food, good old time music, comedy, werewolves, dragons, Tigers, Animals.

Dislikes: Rap music, veggies, people who get a kick out of seeing others in pain. conflict.

Favorite TV shows: Pokemon,Two and a half men, Mike and Molly, Power rangers, VR Troopers, Kamen rider dragon knight, Beyblade, Bakugan, Lost Tapes, Crocodile hunter, only in America with Larry the cable guy, American chopper Naruto.

I am basicly a big kid at heart, and i don't plan on changing that any time soon. I love to have a good time and am willing to try anything once. I am very close to my Father and i treasure that greatly. As well as my Best friend Zach Skidmore, he's also like my older brother because he's always got my back and I've got his.

I love to write fanfiction and i even write some of my own stories too. In fanfictions i love romance, horror, adventure, and crossovers.

I love old time music like Pink Floyd, ac dc, Metallica, Creedence Clear water, and the who.

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strawberrybubble456 Featured By Owner 10 hours ago
Happy early Christmas bro
crb145 Featured By Owner 18 hours ago
Sih I miss the Saturday shows
Kamenridersamurai Featured By Owner 11 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
me too dude me too.

good line up if you ask me.

beyblade "original

metal beyblade



tenkai knights
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crb145 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Anyone can show strength but it takes heart to show mercy
Kamenridersamurai Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
yes in deed it does.
crb145 Featured By Owner 3 days ago
Kamenridersamurai Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Drago: ugh i'm not use to being worked this much.

Dan: Krs is killing us with his story.

Fabia: my feet are killing me I can't feel them. Wait. WAIT. WAIT!! I CAN'T FEEL THEM I CAN'T FEEL MY FEET!!!!!

Dan: Umm fabs, those are my feet.
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brolyssj8 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Artist… Oh and Look up the song Children of the night by Dream Evil it's awesome!
Kamenridersamurai Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
cool character, really knocks you

*Sunglasses added on

out cold
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