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BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Well today is officially Halloween one of the 3 best holidays in the year. other 2 being Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I would just like to wish all my online friends a happy and safe Halloween and hope you have some fun and scares. please enjoy the day and enjoy it. I got some new story ideas in the works for you too so keep watch

will say a few see what you think

bakugan, "The one I promised but delayed due to no inspiration"

lbx "Good new show on nicktoons I recommend it if you like robots."

maybe a fairy tail not sure way behind on this show.

but just wanted to tell you.
"Gyaaah, whoa, ahhh yikes!!" I stammered as I desperately tryed to find my balance on my house's  wobbly broken  shingle covered roof. "Oh Man I hate coming up here." I said through my teeth as I felt a cold chilling breeze come whooshing through my and send a chill running through my entire body. "The sooner we get this done the better in my mind." Chase said as he very slowly made his way over to the edge of the roof and began to scoop fallen leaves and  black gunk out of the gutters. " Ugh, Looks like something Catera made in the kitchen." He said as he promptly  plopped into a white plastic bucket beside him. "Heh yeah, that little sister of yours really isn't the best cook out there." Jinja chuckled. " I think she could be good. If she learned that smoke alarm isn't a timer!" Arabelle added as Jinja  grinned and the two of them exchanged a high five.  I chuckled and got to work on my own section, scooping out this gunk was rather hard to do honestly both physically and  having to look at it. It was hard physically because it was sticky like glue or  tar almost and once it smushed up onto something it took an awful lot of force to get those objects seperated again. To look at it was even worse and then that came with it stuck in the leaves, sticks, abandonded animal nests, and occasional huge rotton apple core that a squirrel had left up here after raiding my mom's trees.  " Oh nasty! I can feel it squish even through these gloves!!!" Said Bren from the other side of the  roof. None of us wanted to  touch the gunk with out gloves not that it would really help. " It stinks too." Luna muttered trying to use the clean part of her glove to hold her nose shut. "Hemm smells sort of like my Mom's jambaliya. "Dax grinned. I would have to remember never to eat his mother's cooking.

Once we got the worst of the gutters cleaned out I flew directly into the shower to  clean up, Bren whined about that a bit but hey, my house my shower man. As I stood drying off  I was also listening to a news report on the radio. "Local Residents of Lebanon Ohio claim that they awoke early Sunday morning to see thier high school Football stadium  all but torn apart. Bleachers were crushed,   the  playing field was  scarred up and  dug into, several parts of the main building structure also seem to have been, as some say Bitten into  by seemingly large animal like Jaws. S.T.O.R.M. officially released a  press statement today stating that the damage was because of a natural gas explosion  that occured late into the night, Fortunately there have been no cases of human deaths reported." I rolled my eyes as I slipped a clean shirt over my body If anybody honestly was dumb enough to believe that then they were 10 kinds of crazy in my book, The damage had been because of a fight we had with S.T.O.R.M. They had un earthed a good sized deposit of Essence outside Lebanon and were trying to ship it out in secret by hiding the containers in a secret room at the stadium. Of course we couldn't let them get away with that so we had to intervine, but I suppose things got a little out of control and we may of trashed the stadium a little. Who was at fault was  kind of a gray area really.  "Ahh, squeaky Clean." I said as I exited the bathroom and started down stairs to see what the others were doing. Chase and Belle were sitting at the table playing cards, Jinja was reading a magazine on the couch, Dax was next to her sharpening his pocket knife, Blake and Catera had gone out on a date tonight, Shea had to run back home to Texas for her cousin's wedding and Beyal had gone with her as her guest, Luna was Playing on her laptop, and Vakuso was off with Jeredy and Jon ace  scouting out areas they thought there could be large essence deposits.  "Things always get so Boring lately after we have a big battle, Never thought I'd actually be wanting one of our enemies to attack us but pretty much anything beated cleaning out black gunk from your gutters.

"Whatcha doin?" I asked as I hung my head over Luna's computer screen and made her jump when I surprised her. " Well right now I'm trying to keep my heart from  beating out of my chest." she said panting a bit "But before that I was doing some  reasearch for My dad."  " Hemm, Really, because it looks more like you're playing some kind of game to me." Said Chase as he  joined the two of us  and peered over at the screen. Luna blushed red, Unable to come up with anykind of retort but that was what she was really doing she hoped that none of the others would ask though. "It's more then just a game ok! It's well, it's kind of a social site too." As I took a closer look at the screen I was kind of surprised to see a character who looked fairly close to Luna in the game the other player's avatar kind of looked like Me but with Chase's hair style and Jinja's color, the bigger shock came when you saw that they were battling each other using Monsunos in the game though. " Where in the crag did this come from?!" I asked " Dad made it, He set it up as a sort of under the radar information network, It's shielded from S.T.O.R.M.'S computers so they can't hack in and find out we made it but its also a place where people can  report on anything strange going on in thier towns or nearby. We thought we could use it as a way to collect information and get the drop on S.T.O.R.M. and Eklipse."  Luna explained as she continued to play her match. "And I gotta admit the game is fairly decent." she shrugged. " Guess It would be hard to step down after experiencing the real thing." Belle laughed. I was kind of tempted to try this game out now but before I could say anything A beep sounded from Luna's computer and a little message bubble appeared.
' You're a really good player, much better then any of the others on here. I hope you don't mind If I ask this but, are you by chance one of them? One of these real ones?  You hear about them in the news a lot lately.'  

Now seeing this message pop up really raised a lot of red flags in my mind this had do not answer written all over it. For all we knew this person was an undercover S.T.O.R.M. agent or one of Doctor Klipse's goons that was trying to pull us into a trap. We all just stared at the screen for a while not sure really of whether to reply to the message or not until finally Luna ended the battle and opened a secure chat with the player. "Becareful sis." Chase said.  "I know, I know." She tryed to be as  aloof as she could with her reply not wanting to tip the hand against her. Before long the player sent us another message. ' I just wanted to say I don't believe that you're the bad guys that S.T.O.R.M. makes you out to be, I have heard lots of rumors that you keep them and other groups from  doing nefarious acts. but more to the point If you are one of them I want to ask for your help. Some strange things have been going on around my hometown for a while and you guys are the only one I think can be of help.' "Heh We're so being punked, this has to be Jeredy or Jon ace screwing around with us." Dax  said with a grin. "Dude, seriously have you ever known Jon to play a computer game? " I  said  "And dad has got like no Video game skills at all. Trust me I know." Chase added. " Ask them what they mean by strange things." said Jinja. Luna nodded and quickly typed up her response. A while later we had a link to a news story that we hoped would answer our growing mound of questions.  

The page was mainly focused around a town called Silver falls  which was mainly farm lands and woods for the most part most of the people out there raised livestock and cattle or  grew crops but just recently they had been experiencing something rather strange going on  animals such as goats, pigs, dogs, and even in some cases  young cattle had been turning up dead almost completely stripped clean no meat at all left on the bones. In that area though they didn't have big powerful predators like bears, wolves, or cougars  the worse they had were coyotes and bobcats neather of which they believed to be responsible There were a few video reports and people claiming what they had seen but so far law enforcement hadn't been able to make the connection to any sort of animal just yet.  Many were calling this thing , what ever it was  the "Silver falls monster". "I am telling you guys we are being punked so hard this is like all the bigfoot stories and reports you hear there's nothing out there but Coyotes." Dax said. " I gotta agree with Dax,  this sounds kind of far fetched to me." Jinja nodded shivering soon afterwards realzing what she had done. I wasn't convinced however, I was looking at one of the clearer pictures of a dead goat there were a set of puncture wounds in the neck that just didn't fit right to any animal I knew. 2 deep holes like a canine tooth of a predator would leave, then 4 smaller holes directly above and below those ones. No animal had teeth like that in this part of the world.  "Piff, Looks like S.T.O.R.M. is also interested in what ever is going on out here." Belle said  pointing to a smaller article that mentioned a growing presense of S.T.O.R.M. units in the area, her eyes flickered with irratation and anger, and I was instantly reminded of what the organization had done to her and felt a wave of sorrow sweep over me.  " I say we go, If nothing else to see what the hell S.T.O.R.M. is  up to." Chase said punching his fist into his hand  we each nodded in turn, Silver fals was kind of a long ways off and since we weren't at full strength we had to play this smart we were going to investigate not to fight.

Within the next few days we were on the road and heading for Silver falls to see if we could shed any light on this so called Monster. While Luna arranged a meeting with this player who we later learned was named Candice, Chase and the rest of us focused on gathering what supplies we would need and figuring out as much as we could about this  creature. "You guys really think this monster is is real?" asked Jinja as she drove the van down the high way, dodging in and outside of traffic. " Well up until now the only monsters I really believed in were Monsunos but it's pretty clear that this isn't a Monsuno, from the pictures it was way too small even Whipper and Cecile were larger in height and size then it was. However it did seem to be fairly big, about 8 or 9 feet long I would guess  and covered in thick fur. "Any chance we could just be going after a bear or a wolf?" asked Bren. " Hemm I don't think so. By all accounts The bears and wolves were wiped out over 100 years ago, You'll get a black bear around here every now and then but not very many and they never stay long." I didn't believe this was a bear, or a stray Monsuno someone was controling because if it was a Monsuno these kills would have very few remains, actually no one ever mentioned did Monsunos need to eat at all,  From the first moment we crossed over into Silver falls township you could feel the heavy atmosphere that was hanging in the air, you saw people on the streets buying things like barbed wire to  string up along thier fence lines,   motion sensitive cameras, high powered hunting rifles... this beast was a worry to them and they were bound and determined to defend themselves.  "Ok were are we suppose to meet this girl?" I asked stepping out of the van, " She said she would meet us here soon enough in her last text message said to look for the girl with the leather jacket and red hair." Luna said. After about a half hour Candice finally showed up on a bike, she was about our age maybe a year and a half younger then me with red waist length hair, green eyes, snow white skin . she was clad in a black leather jacket, a red undershirt with a skull plastered on it and  torn blue jeans. I could tell right away that Dax was quite taken with her as he was giving her a considering eye.

" I take it, you're Candice?" I asked reaching my hand outwards for a hand shake. " Yeah I am, and you guys are part of team Coretech ehh? Heh I was kind of expecting older people you guys are like in your late teens early 20's like me. "Actually I'm 26, I just look young." Dax said trying to sound cool, Arabelle whacked him upside the head as she groaned, " You'll have to forgive Dax, He's kind of a moron. I'm Arabelle, this is Chase, Jinja, Bren, Zak, and Luna. We're here because you said you needed help."  "You said something about a Monster or something killing animals around town?" I said. Candice nodded and pulled out her phone, scrolling along the surface as she did so. " This is what it did to one of my dad's best  pigs the other day." she said handing us the picture, I don't even really know how to discribe  it other then totally ravaged, the rib cage had been eaten from the inside and out, no flesh left on there at all accept for a few stray scraps the blood was all over the place something had been chewing along the hind quarters and down the legs  right along the tendons. In the neck too were the same  6 holes in the same pattern as the previous kills. "I've talked to other people who have had animals killed by this thing, what ever it is, they say that they have seen it out in the forest and along the hill sides towards night time and dusk." Candice said. "Hemm so it's nocturnal and carnivorous. heh feels like I'm a character in a horror movie." I thought to myself. I couldn;t help but feel drawn back to the picture on Candice's phone totally deaf to the conversation the others were having.  

"Something killed this pig, and from the looks of the attack seane it was pretty aggressive at that." I thought  " I can take you guys back to my dad's farm he can show you where the attack took place and even the body."Candice said. "Wait! Get down!!" Chase said pulling her back into the van with the rest of us following. If we hadn't of managed to get out of sight in time we surely would of been recognized by the soldiers in the S.T.O.R.M.  van that  was crusing down the street nearby, not far after them came 4 other men each of them armed with a high powered hunting rifle and a bandolier which held a selection of ammo. "No controllers or elites among them." I whispered not seeing any cores on their bandoliers clearly Charlemange wanted this mess cleaned up as quick as she could with out having to send her  full forces in. This just complicated things further for us Once the cost was clear we let Candice  take us back to her farm we were eager to see the pig's remains up close and first hand as we cruised down the street I kept a close eye on the dense forests that were lining the  hillsides and along the sides of the roads. None of us could afford to be reckless with what was out there. If only we knew, that this thing was unlike anything we could even imagine.
Part 1 of 2 Beast of silver hills.
A 2 part Halloween story I promised to write for my friend Mimzy I hope she likes it. I will have part 2 done and up tomorrow I hope.
Well it is officially October, the Scariest Month of the entire year and one of my personal favorites!!! Well who in thier right mind wouldn't love this time of year the leaves change color, it gets dark a bit earlyer, the air is crisp, there is a growing chill in the air and best of all Halloween awaits us at the end of the month.

To get into the spirit of things Certain channels start running horror movies and monster movies to make people be a little more cautious of entering the darkness fearful if the nightmarish beasts that maybe there lurking and waiting for another victim to devour. Lots of good shows are out there.

A haunting

Mountain Monsters

Alaska monsters

The haunted

But for me the ultimate halloween spook show is, was and always will be Lost tapes. Yeah, yeah, yeah Lots of you will say that everything in these shows isn't real that things like Monsters, ghosts, and demons don't exist.  For the most part yes you are right these shows are all fake and a big steaming load. But come on if these things weren't real or at the least inspired by real things we didn't understand at the time then why do they still come up sometimes in  conversations? Why do people claim to have encounters with them. If we are so smart and advanced now they should fade away. But they don't they remain and people continue to tell the stories because they like a good scare.  Lost tapes gave me that scare I was looking for  because it asked the question what if these things are real and out there waiting for us, living amongst us in the wilds that there still are in the world.

The series ran for 3 seasons "Personally I wish for a 4th season  the other 3 are good but well you can only get into the older episodes so much. Thank goodness for Youtube people who keep the show alive."  And in that time I honestly found some episodes that scared me, truely scared me. Not very many mind you but they are still good to get the heart pumping with jump scares.  So I made a list of the 13 scariest and best episodes from the series This is MY own opinion on them and how they rank so if yours isn't here I am sorry just some episodes didn't really scare me or I thought were kind of stupid sounding  still I hope I picked some good ones.

First though I have an honerable mention, it didn't make it into the list but it at least keeps you interested.

Mothman, from season 1. : It was a good episode, but what keeps it out is well its not really a current lost tape for the season. It was set back when the silver bridge collapsed which is when the Mothman was seen, maybe if they had gone a different route with the episode and made it more modernized it could of made it on to the list but I didn't really get even a good spook from the Mothman.

Here are my top 13 episodes though.

13.  Dover demon, from season 2 : This episode is towards the bottom of the bin in my mind because of how cheap the production team got just flat out showing the demon in one certain seane and then not even trying to make it look somewhat like what the legends say it looked like it was more like a grey alien. Granted no one who believes the legend knows what the Dover demon really was perhaps it was an Alien, "If the story is true. I don't really believe that this one was even possible."  Still the plot line is some what good, there is blood everywhere and no one survives. Weather or not the demon ate them, just flat out killed them or what not is never revealed. If you liked this episode power to you, it is sadly one of my lesser ones.

12. Bigfoot, from season 1: This one makes it onto the list purely by the subject matter you cannot go even to the store with out running into someone who says that they know someone else who has seen the supposed Creature or seen it themselves. Bigfoot is here and he is here to stay. Sadly the creature is well barely even a threat in this episode you hear howls, and see photos the park ranger too of the beast but well the bigger threat is of the poacher stalking her. This shows that if Bigfoot is real perhaps, he isn't as violent as some of his relatives. It does kill the Poacher though so..... I don't know, further up in the list though you will see that another version of Bigfoot is a tad more dangerous.

11. Chupacabra, from season 1:  This episode is a tinsy bit scary because you have to look at it from the perspective of a young child picture seeing your parents killed by something that many say doesn't exist, and you yourself are the only survivor. The sound effect of the growls and hisses are also different sounding sort of like how the howls for Bigfoot are they don't really sound like anything you would hear coming from a living animal of today or perhaps of this planet.  The fact that all you really see of the creature in question too are its heat signature which showed that it was fairly large, and its glowing green eyes were nice touches to the eerieness factor which season 1 had.

10. Devil dragon, from season 1: This episode is in the top 10 because it is actaully dealing with an animal that existed and as some believe still could in Australlia. The thing that sold this to me scare wise is when the character, is showing us how to trap a small animal he is bitten by the devil dragon, or Megalania, and it begins to stalk him just like how living komodos do thier prey. The growls are well placed out and the fact that he is sick from its saliva is also an added worry for him too. As it draw the episode to a close you get close ups of his face, he is drenched in sweat he is panting in fear and desperation and you know that thing is just getting closer and closer as it hunts him through the dark forests. When he screams for it to leave him alone you can feel the terror in his voice, picture being stalked and hunted for real by a bear or lion or any kind of predator and not having any real way to fight back. Not a good feeling.

9. Hellhound, from season 1: I wanted to put this episode up higher on the list I really did but other episodes kept it from earning that spot. The Hellhound is scary because it is the first time that we see the monster in the series in full view, granted it is just a rotwhiller with red contacts "I don't know how they did the red eyes." Still it is a good risk they took. The hellhound also deals with dark magic and the Underworld so the episode taking place in a graveyard was  a good location by the creators. when ever it appears and you see the dog you get the vibe of  from the Hound of the baskervilles. Which is also one of my favorite books.  An added creepiness factor is that the new girl who vanishes with the dog was never really listed at the kids school or even alive prompting she was a ghost perhaps, and that the Hellhound seems more tame around her.

8. Lizardman, from season 2: This is where you start to see a lot more of the monsters the in season one, this was scary because all you get are quick  3 or 5 second glimpses of most of them and your mind begins to try to peace together what it was exactly what you saw. The mutilated and eaten animal bodies scattered about add in a threatening aura to the  dark sewer tunnels and the darkness plus splashing footsteps of the Lizardman  add to the feeling of dispare. This is also one of the few episodes where the monster is killed at the end which adds a feeling of triumph over the beast that was stalking them.

7. Southern sasquatch from season 2: Unlike Bigfoot this thing is flat out Violent, it isn't a watchful guardian like Bigfoot was to the park ranger it was an agressive territorial predator that flat out tore the hunters in this episode to bits. Granted they were in its home and attacked it first. The large foot print, the bloody vest of the one hunter, and the sudden attack by the creature all work perfectly to create an aura of danger and terror. Plus at the end when the one hunter reaches the tree stand where he is sure he will be safe and the ladder is torn down  you can just see a troll face there. "Sorry! You're going to die now!!" That is what I think when ever I see this episode.

6. Death Crawler from season 2. Centipedes are one of the few insects I am not creeped out by Infact I think centipedes are pretty cool, but Not these things these are like centipedes that were the size of boa constrictors with  super toxic venom and  incredible speed. Plus the fact that they can climb over whatever they want and are the top predators on the island in this episode also makes it quite clear that this was an Island you wanted to stir far away from. The scariest parts are when you see them crawling all over the tent that the couple are staying in and when you just think they are safe and sound then you hear that all too familier hissing sound, another troll face belonged right there at that point.

5. Werewolf from season 2. As much as I love werewolves in films,  tv shows, and games I couldn't give this episode the top spot. But it is scary in that you are waiting to see the wolf, to come right out in a beastly rage and tear everything up into a bloody mess but also for the fact that the person who is believed to be the monster is a convicted fellon.  The house is dark and the pace is slow and tension building then you get a huge smack in the face when you see him with his throat torn out and dead on the stairs. I was not expecting that honestly then when the Girl, the young woman that the Fellon picked up at the bar is revealed to be the monster you just feel your heart skip a beat because you honestly didn't see this coming! Sadly you don't see her in her transformed state for more then a split 1000th of a second in the credits and even then its a bit of a let down because she is still more human then wolf.

4. Zombies from season 3. This is one of the only season 3 entry on the list because well it makes you think what would our government do if there was a small but contained group of Zombies out there somewhere in the world, send someone in to deal with it or let it grow out of control? The answer is up to you. The foreboding aura of the house, the setting of it being in Louisiana which has an eerie feel because of the swamps and legends from down there make this a good setting but more then anything else it is how the zombies, while not rotten and  what you would expect are just slow and threateningly surrounding the Enigma agents  it makes you really feel like there are freaking real Zombies after them. When I first learned that this would be the starter for season 3 I was kind of pissed because it felt like Animal planet was grasping at straws now, I am very glad to say I was wrong and was throughly spooked and entertained.

3. Jersey devil from season 2. Now we are getting into the really spooky ones because they make use of several good horror movie ideas and put them to use. The way the father's hat is found bloodied, the images painted on the walls of the abandoned house, the warnings of "It lives, beware," and what not invoke the notion that something is out there and is not happy with trespassers out in its forest. The best parts though are when the devil's face is seen on camera It really is a convincing mask and a good booster to the series. The scariest and most Horror movie like part though is after the Jersey devil kills the dog and has kicked the door in to the house. the sisters are hiding in the closet, waiting and hoping to get free or that the monster will leave but then the worst thing could of happened The freaking Cell phone rings and gives them away!!! I was jumping one minute then laughing like crazy the next, but thier mama had to come and scare the thing off and save them.  I had to put this one close to the top and most people I talk to who like Lost tapes agree Jersey devil was one of the best.

2. Wendigo, american cannibal from season 3.  The only other episode from season 3 that scared me, "Strigoi vampire, Yeti, Devil Monkey, and Poltergeist  were good, but well  missing something that I cannot put my finger on. but it keeps them off the list." This episode has to have the absolute highest kill count in the series everyone is dead, no survivors what so ever at least 7 or if you count the guy who became the wendigo too 8 people dead. "Not sure if he counts or not because the wendigo is him so is he dead in a sense???" That isn't important though because the good things about this episode far out weigh the mistakes. the calls of the monster, the feeling of eyes watching the rescue team from all angles in the forest.  You knew people were going to die when ever they found the Wendigo's death shrine with all the  peices it took from its  victims.  Plus the costume is very well made and convincing too me at least.  But if not for one other episode this would be the scariest episode of Lost tapes, there is one other though that is the best and most blood chilling of them all in my mind.

1. Vampire from season 2. This episode is in a league all its own to me I still get goose bumps from it  and it is far better then the Strigoi one in season 3, not to say Strigoi is bad it's not bad at all but this one plays on multiple fears we all have. Be them childhood fears of the monster in the basement or the closet, or of moving to an old spooky run down house. The way the Vampires look is impressive too this isn't Dracula, or  Edward from twilight. "Ugh  not vampires at all, Vampires DO NOT sparkle end of story, Period!"  infact they are not even that Humanoid at all they are something else.  But the seanes where one of them is coming out of the little boy's closet at night, the reveal in the basement on camera, the murder of the exterminator and even the chase up stairs and the bedroom  defeat the monster seanes all make the Vampire episode the best of the series to me. Had they ended it here Lost tapes would of been at a high note I like to hope.  

Those are my top 13 lost tapes episodes, what do you say is there an episode you liked best or scared you best?  Think we will ever get a 4th season? Probably not but we can hope and wish though still maybe someday we will.
Top 13 scariest Lost tapes episodes.
A small list of my favorite and the most scary episodes of One of Animal planet's better series. This list is my opinion sorry if our views don't mesh or I have some facts on the monsters wrong I don't know everything.

no rude comments Please.
Now I am going to admit it , I love technology as much as the next person but there are times I have to ask, are we becoming too obcessed with the latest  upgrades and gizmos?

Ok Laptops and tablets are essential for work and communication. Not to mention recreational be it chatting with friends or watching funny videos. But now of days Cellphones have the ability to get online, we are constantly hunting for new apps, new games, new music to download, and what not.  To me a phone is a phone, nothing more nothing less and perhaps that is how it should of remained. Some features like being able to take a picture with your phone is a nice and really smart idea, because if you are in an accident you need proof of the damage and the other person there, But you see in the news that so many people on the high ways are more concerned with texting and  their  phones then driving and that is what causes accidents and loses lives.

Why is it when we already have something that works and is good enough we have to run out and get pretty much the exact same thing we already have just because it has new features?  Also the Internet, Yes it is a wonder, a marvelous thing that we need for so much but well it's kind of become a killer of certain things. Like small businesses, stores, and even music. People can download music onto I pods and their phones when it was just as easy back in the day to go buy a tape of a CD, why is it such a problem to still do that, why is it so much more "efficient" to buy the stuff online? You can shop online too, I cannot say much here because I am a guilty party here once or twice. Not that there is anything wrong with it but well Think back to the 90's and beyond You had to go and actively buy the object in question you wanted and have it that very day, now if you order it online you have an extended waiting period and there is the very possible chance that it may get lost in the mail. You order online too you're not holding the object in question you are just looking at a picture once you get it you may wonder why you wanted it in the first place. Plus, shopping malls where a great place to hang out, chat with friends face to face after school, and find dates. Now the shopping malls, well because of the online shopping  a lot of stores are dying out, like I said though I shop online sometimes so I cannot fault anyone here.

Next, the Kindles and E reader books Sure you can store vast amounts of books on them but they are all digital not really in your collection, to me there is nothing like cracking open a fresh hard back or paper back book and  holding it and physically turning pages, that's how it was and should somewhat still stay. I don't know call me old fashioned but that's my view point. Now if you have a kindle or read books like that I am not condemning you and I apologize deeply if I offended you, I for one just prefer the old way better.
With faster Internet too we risk more punks and jerks out there creating viruses that are hard to get rid of and can cause major problems for us in the long run.  They can steal a lot of information about you too off the net so that is a big red flag sometimes. Viruses, spam ware,  malware, worms, Trojans, what ever you want to call them why are there people out there who make these and actively send them out? It's not fair it's not funny, and it's rather immature. Getting them removed can run up quite a bill sometimes too, that is money out of your pocket or bank account that could be spent on things you would rather have and enjoy. The operating systems are being updated and  improved too fast too Progress isn't always best if something already works leave it that way no need to confuse things around.

Technology does need to advance more in areas like medicine though we still have some nasty diseases out there and they claim far to many lives, we need to figure out how to protect our selves a bit more from them then worry about some new video game for phones.

Well this was just me dancing on a soap box, I can't change anything. Tech will continue to progress as it will and well like I said I love technology for the most part, but I still do things the old fashion way too. So perhaps what we need is to find a middle ground or a balance between the old and the new.  
Life Is precious, each of us only has one to live and we never know how long it will be for.  In that time we should enjoy what we have and be grateful for all the things we are given,  because in the blink of an eye everything can be gone and we can be left with absolutely nothing.

There was a time in my life I wanted for nothing, life was sweet and everyday was a pleasure to live, I lived out in the  high mountain country in a close nit family on the outskirts of a village, we made our living on selling  live stock, vegitables, and medicinal herbs to  the shops in town  and  to travelers passing threw. Many of whom were wizards belonging to guilds who were on jobs,pretty much my days consisted of  chores, chores and more chores. It was hard work but I was use to it, total my family consisted of my mother Sophia,  my father, Holt, My grandfather, Haugan, and my two little sisters Zika and Amara.  We weren't rich by any means we weren't poor either, we made our way. Any time we did get off from working on the farms I would love to go out into the forests that surrounded the  village and explore. I would go further and further back each day looking for animals or beasts that were  known to roam the  country side. Often or not my dad would find me up in a tree because I was  busy  looking at a hawk or down by the pond  helping the beavers repair thier lodge. Animals just seemed to flock to me and trust me right away with out question. Mom would get so mad whenever I would come home  and I had "Another pet" with me as she put it.  If I wasn't in the hills or working on the farm I was usually down in the village  chatting with one of the wizards who perhaps had chosen to take abreak from work and  wanted to rest. I would beg them to tell me about thier adventures and show me what magic they used.  Yes Life was good.

Then a major change in my life happened when I turned 7 my father and Grandfather finally desided I was old enough to start learning to use magic myself. I was totally blown away, I mean I thought they were just simple farmers or country folk  not wizards themselves. Why they gave up thier lives of adventure and travel they never said but I didn't care I was just eager to learn magic myself.  The training was intense not just mental but my father started to push me physical as well He said that a wizard had to be prepared for anything and couldn't rely on  spells alone so I needed to be strong as well.  I trained  day in and day out when I could   all the while  learning spells,   still finding time to play with my sisters, do my chores, and head out on my nature walks.  Both Dad and Grandpa helped me to  figure out my best magic that fit me was Take over magic, slowly but surely I started to learn to transform into small animals and insects  One of my worst mistakes though came when I tryed to transform into a rabbit for Zika's birthday,  that was the day I learned I'd developed an allergy to my rabbit form and rabbits in general. I actually sneezed so hard I knocked the candles out of the cake and almost set the house on fire. That day Mom almost put a stop to my magic training all together.  I got better though     gaining strength and knowledge  everyday. Eventually I could turn into  bigger animals like  deer or wolves but It wasn't enough  still I wanted to learn all the magic I could and  be the best Wizard I could be.  

My sisters loved to  watch me train and  watch me  transform into different animals, When I could I would take them for rides when I could through the  fields or the woods. I enjoyed seeing them smile and  hearing them laugh. Zika said to me that she wanted to learn magic too so she could be just like me.  "I wanna be a wizard like Big brother Hunter!!"  Those words  found a special place in my heart   and remain there to this day. They are one of the few things I have that still can sooth the pain of losing her.  One day, one terrible day a dark guild came out of nowhere and announced that everyone in our village was to come with them and help them with some spell they were attempting to perform. Anyone who  resisted them would not survive. We tried our best to fight them off but it went about as well as you expected, It was a blood bath They attacked and killed with out mercy, brutally slaughtering any man, woman, or child who dared to stand against them It didn't matter to them if you could use magic or not  We were all enemies.   My Dad and Grandpa of course stood against them  and  put up a brave fight  to defend us. I  wasn't strong enough though  Dad told me my job was to protect mom and my sisters... I failed though, During the attack, some of the guild members broke into the house and tried to capture us for slave labor. I did what I could to stop them but in the end I was knocked unconcious and my mother and sisters  were taken away.  The bastards set my house on fire after that  must of not wanted me telling anyone what they had done, don't ask me how I survived but I did somehow only to realize I was alone, totally alone.

My once peaceful hometown, a place where you could once come and  relax in a  serine and calming atmosphere was now a war torn,  blood stained and corpse ridden battle ground. Buildings had been  blown up, homes were burning and   the stench of death hung heavy in the air which was once sweet and clean. I was the only one who hadn't been  killed or taken away and that tore me up inside Why had I been given this gift of magic if I wasn;t strong enough to use it and make a difference? Why had I been spared when my family had been  taken from me, what had we done to deserve a fate like this?  That day As I stood alone among the ruins of my  home a  fire of vengence was sparked inside me, it was filled with rage and hatered and a desire to make things right. After putting my  Dad and Grandpa to rest I gathered what I could use from what was left of my house then burned the rest to the ground, I remember watching the fire devour the  place I once called home and  feeling a sharp pain  in my heart. That was the last day I ever cried, I couldn't afford to show tears if I was going to set things right if I was going to find my mother and sisters.  I started traveling after that   still continuing my studies and  training, All the while trying to gather leads and  clues to the identidy of the guild who attacked my village and where they may of  taken my family.  

The day I turned 12 I learned desided I needed to join a guild, it was the only way I would ever really be able to survive and make a living as a wizard, I  considered quite a few  but one  stood out to me a name I had heard though the grape vine  and one that was considered to be quite  destructive and  a pain in the ass of the magic council,

Fairy tail.

Now I wanted no part of thier  shinanigans or to  get in trouble with those  pompous  sons of bitches, I didn't think to highly of them considering they didn't seem to  eager to help me out or even seemed to care But it wasn;t like I had a whole lot of choices. So I found out where I could find the Fairy tail guild hall and  joined up with them. I remember  walking up to the door and   almost immidately getting swallowed up in a fight that spewed outside between a  hot headed pink haired fire user named Natsu Dragneel and a  black haired   cool dude wannabe ice user named Gray Fullbuster. As you would guess I was ticked and Jumped right in and  quickly went beastly on them both and showed them why it was I was top cat. I was sure that would keep me from being allowed to join the guild but nope. I was admitted entry and from that day on I was a Fairy tail guild Wizard.

Four years have passed since I joined the guild and I am now 16 years old and a fully established Wizard having completed many missions, I've earned a name for myself people now call me the Beast tamer, or Demon beast given  my temper and the fact I do lose control when my emotions run wild.  Both Natsu and Gray have become like Brothers to me and some of my closest friends with in the guild,  even though they fight with each other like every single chance they get which would be Every day if they had thier way.  I often find myself  joining in on thier fights though which makes Lucy and Erza made at all three of us and we end up getting beaten to a pulp. Erza is so much like mom its's not funny  the only differences are Mom was a  brown haired woman and she hits a third as hard as Erza does. Lucy I really enjoy spending time with  she is super smart and nice, plus it's funny seeing her reaction when we sneak into her room, To my defense I only do it because Natsu told me it was fun!  I have other friends in the guild Like Fate, she is the guild master's   family and she is super strong  We've fought like  15 times total  or it may be more but i have never once beaten her. I think she may have a thing for Gray I'm not sure. But she is always cool most of the time and a good friend of mine. She and Erza have helped me to gain some what better control over my beasts when I  change. Both Fate and Natsu claim to have been "trained and raised by Dragons."   which I am not too sure about, Dad and Grandpa said Dragons are extinct and have been for awhile but given thier powers and how adiment they are on there stories I really hope they are true. Because meeting a dragon or getting to see one would be so cool!!!

I have a few other friends in the guild Like Macao, he is is like a younger version of my father only he doesn't use animals or monsters like dad did, and Cana, she is a bit of drinker but she is always willing to talk with me or go out on a job request with me. She looks a bit like Amara would I suspect  by now  given they do have simaler faces.  

There are a few people in the guild who get on my nerves though This guy, Loke,he  is one of the worst he thinks he is such a player, and that he is so, cool sheesh I'd love to drop kick him off a steep cliff into a pool of crocodiles some times!  Then there is Juvia, a water using wizard who is  coo coo for Gray. He begged me to go out with her one night in hopes of getting her off his back.... I don't like to talk about how it went, it was horrible. Wendy a wind user who is also  supposingly  trained and raised by a dragon. She is so timid and scared of almost everything, that I can understand though she is younger then most of us, problem is she sticks to me like glue sometimes begging me to take her up in the sky when I go into one of my  flying forms Why isn't she scared of that them?  All n all though I am starting to warm up to her more, she is like Zika somewhat  so I  am kind of protective of Wendy. Helios,who uses his blood and the blood of his opponents in his spells, That is both  creepy and cool at the same time  he is pretty cool though and we are fairly tight, He's helped me out on jobs more then once. Helios is sort of my rival,  Then there is Gajeel A  guy I would like to Pound into the ground and send on a one way trip into the fiery pits of hell, mainly because he hates my guts and is a total muscle bound metal eating meat head.

I have left one person out though but it is for a reason she is kind of special to me. Levy, a solid script using wizard who is wicked smart and  loves to read. She welcomed me into the guild right away and  has been one of the best friends I have ever had since coming here. When I'm not on a job I like to hang out with her when ever I can and that causes Gajeel no end of irratation, Maybe he likes Levy or something or was her boyfriend I don't know. Do I like her though, I kind of do She is kind,  easy going,  smart, and really pretty.  I haven't said anything though,  Master Makarov is  like my second grandpa, I respect his  words and  take his advice to heart  only I wish he wouldn't get so pissed when I cause a little  property damage on my jobs, I never hurt people I just break stuff!!  

Joining Fairy tail may not of seemed like a great idea at first but I wouldn't change a thing about them I have friends, rivals, a girl who I like,  and a family again. I am still looking for the guild who took my mom and sisters from me and I will never rest until I find them and bring them back home safe and sound.

My name is Hunter Alencrad, and I am a Fairy tail wizard.
A stray finds a family.
This is a small  story telling the back story of my Fairy tail OC Hunter. Please enjoy his story,
Both Fate and Helios belong to my good friends

Solar sensei and CRB145.
BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!! Well today is officially Halloween one of the 3 best holidays in the year. other 2 being Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I would just like to wish all my online friends a happy and safe Halloween and hope you have some fun and scares. please enjoy the day and enjoy it. I got some new story ideas in the works for you too so keep watch

will say a few see what you think

bakugan, "The one I promised but delayed due to no inspiration"

lbx "Good new show on nicktoons I recommend it if you like robots."

maybe a fairy tail not sure way behind on this show.

but just wanted to tell you.


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