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For a minute there it was like my entire world just froze up, Everything around me was still but my mind was doing the exact opposite it was racing like a car at the Daytona speed way race track.  As for words I was completely at a loss for them, Runo chuckled slightly as she walked over to me with her arms behind her back, "You look like you just saw a ghost or something, Dan everything alright?" she asked me. "Umm he's just not use to being up this early is all." I heard Drago reply. "I can understand that." I noticed that Runo's hair was a lot shorter then it had been since I saw her last, but then again people's looks did change quite a bit when you haven't seen them for 3 years.  Eventually I could feel myself returning to normal, my ability to talk returning as well. "Ugh, we, we'd better get going, those doors are gonna open soon and when they do we'll need a place to stay outta the way of all these crazy shoppers."  I muttered starting off to the back of the store rather quickly, not checking to see if she was following or not I wasn't really as ok as I was letting on before all I could really wonder was what in the hell was she doing here now after all this time?

"5,4,3,2,1. ALL RIGHT FOLKS THE DOORS ARE OFFICIALLY OPEN, MUCKLEHONEY TOYS INC WELCOMES YOU ALL TO OUR ANNUAL BLACK FRIDAY SUPERSALE!!!!!!!" Called Mr. Mucklehoney over a bull horn as the doors to his store opened, just like that the huge crowd was off like a pack of dogs after a stray cat. People almost immidately started grabbing carts and running down Aisles searching for the items on thier lists they were after, all around the mall other doors were doing the same, needless to say it was very quickly turning into a mad house. " Whoa, whoa, whoa, one at a time one at a time! There's enough to go around already!" Shun muttered as he struggled to maintain his balance while carrying a heavy load of  boxes and making his way through a small but extremely rowdy and energized group of little kids, each and every one of them was pawing to get at the box he held. Sora wasn't fairing much better either, just keeping toys on the shelves was hard enough right now one minute they were there all neat and organized like they were suppose to be then the next minute totally ravaged, ransacked, and stripped bare down to the metal shelves they sat on.  "Holy macaroni on Rye! Is it just me or is this an especially bad season?!?!" she called over to Shun.  "Geh! There is such a thing as a good season? Let go of my foot ya little sugar crazed monster!!" he said shaking his leg. Sora did her best to get her box unloaded as fast as she could, then quickly grabbed Shun's left hand and pulled him and herself to a free safe spot. "Thought they were gonna tear my leg off there for a minute!" He said. "You two ok in there?" asked the black haired boy to his partners. Ingram and Hawktor were hidden down in his jacket pocket for safety. The way these kids were right now  anything that looked brightly colored and shiny was a prime target to get snatched up. Sora had taken extra care as to keep Gayle safe, placing the green Ventus dragonoid in her inner coat pocket. "What in the heck were we thinking when we said we would be with you today?!?!" he asked.  "I'm starting to think we shouldn't of brought you along either."  She panted.   "Let's just hope the others are doing better then we are about now." Shun said  "Honestly I am more worried about what my Mom is doing out there in the mall."  Sora groaned.

"Outta my way outta my way its mine I saw it first!!!" yelled Mrs. Kuso  as she   fought her way through the aisled of a home goods store tightly clutching a brand new coffee pot to her chest like it was a priceless gem she had found. "50% Off for this baby and like hell I am gonna let any of you screaming banshees get the last one!! Honey heads up coming at you from 3 :00  clock high!!!"  she called, tossing the box over head of the mob and to her raggered looking husband who did his best not to drop it and place it in the cart. "Meet me over in the dinner wear section in 20 minutes I've gotta check out this deal on  new throw pillows  first!!" All Mr. Kuso could do was pant and give a weak thumbs up  while gripping the handle of his cart. "Well this is my cardio for the day." he said  the cart he held was carrying not only the new coffee pot but also a fondue set and a new juicer as well.  Looking on at his wife battling her way through the mass of angry determined shoppers. He did have to admire that fiery spirit she had as she went for her goals. "You are definately Dan and Sora's mom.  But seeing you this into it is still a little scary."  he thought to himself.  Not long after that  Baron and Ace appeared this time riding along on Segways, Both Nemus and Percival riding on thier shoulders. " Ok people let's all just calm down a little bit shall we no need to go bananas is there?!" Ace said. " HEY!!! You heard the man simmer down or get outta here!!" Baron bellowed.  Ace whipped his head around and shot him a quick glare. " You dumbass! I didn't say that  you want them to go after us too?!"  Baron puffed up his chest and adjusted his security guard badge before replying. " They gotta learn Ace my friend, you and I. We're the law around this mall and what we say goes."  Ace rubbed his now aching head, this was the very thing that got them fired from Grub bucket, Baron going off and doing something stupid that would no doubt back fire and result in mass destruction or injury along the way. "Look dude, we're tight and all but if you think for one minute I am going in to that mad house of a store you have got another-" Ace never finished his sentence after that. Baron immidately whipped out his whistle and blasted it as loud as he could before  rushing into the store. " Stop!! Stop in the name of an independantly funded and under manned mall security force!!"  Baron then launched himself head first into the mass of people which resulted in him taking quite a beating from the shoppers there in. Ace sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose while trying to not act embaressed. "Why do you hang out with him Ace?" Percival asked.  "I am starting to wonder that myself."   Around this time Mrs. Kuso had fought her way free but sadly had missed out on both the Throw pillows and the new plates so she was a little pissed about that. " Ok let's go! We can still make it down to Gadget town and see about this new Blu rey player for 60% off and they also have a deal going.  Buy 3 disks get 2 free!" she said announcing her game plan. "Gyahhh wah haa ha ha!!! Oof!!!" Baron grunted as he skid along the white tiled floor after being thrown out of the store Nemus panted on his shoulder where he hung from. "Oh, Hey Mrs. K, say by any chance are you still mad about yesterday, Ya know where I flooded your bathroom and instead of helping clean up I just took off?"   Baron asked. " Hisssssss!!!!" Went the woman in anger. "Yep, I'd say she is still mad." Ace chuckled.

"Alrighty that is more or less all you have to do." I said briskly to Runo, I'm not going to lie being around her and having to train her was really really akward, I kept looking over my shoulder to make sure Fabia didn't see anything. Now cheating on her was the absolute last thing I would do. Runo and I were totally done with that part of our lives. Honestly I guess I was still a little resentful of her for what she did to me all those years ago. "Hemm really well this can't be that hard." she said opening a box of stuffed teddy bears and  starting to place them on a shelf. I stood watching her and acting like I was working on a new Power ranger display beside me. " Heh, you still buying stuff like that?" she giggled.  "Old habits die hard." I answered her quickly and rather dryly. "So, I take it you've moved back into town?" "Yeah, my Folks opened up another cafe in the area around here but I kind of hand a falling out with my dad so I got canned, and here I am."  She said. We fell into a short silence after that not saying a word to each other, the only sounds coming from further out in the store. " Umm, You know I saw you coming inside with that new girl of yours around your arm this morning. What was her name again, Koria?" " Fabia, her partner is Aranaut, a haos like Tigrerra." I answered "Oh I I see. Well, Umm she's cute I can tell you care alot about her by the way you were holding her close to you."  I nodded in achnoledgement not wanting to really talk about this subject. I was half expecting her to ask me to take her back, now only Drago knew that for a while I did want to get back together with her but that had long passed its time, Fabs and I had a really good thing going and I was not about to do anything that would hurt her.  It was just being around her was stirring up all these old emotions and not just the connection we shared but the friend I had also lost. "Runo, I'll be back in a bit I need to get some coffee." with that I took my leave and headed for the front of the store.    "Daniel, you know you can't run forever." Drago said un folding from his marble form infront of me.  "What am I suppose to do Drago act like nothing happened?! You were there you saw how she stabbed me in the back and tossed me aside like a kid does with a broken toy.  "Yes, yes, I know but the aura I sense around her now seems to be someone who just wants her friend back in her life."  I wasn't so sure about that myself,  Or if I could even do something like that Sure Fabia's love had done quite a bit to heal the hurt but Runo's coming back like this had just stirred up so much inside me. I was really trying my best to keep it all inside so as not to lash out or start something.  Up Ahead I saw Fabia talking with Lance, Shun, Aria, and Sora outside the store, No doubt  they had gotten word that Runo was back and working with us.  Now I knew fully well that there was no way around this so I figured that the best thing to do... well I was still figuring out that part.

"Hey Bro, ya  been attacked by any little ankle biters yet?" Sora asked me as she waved me and Drago over. "Me and Aria here were pinned up against a wave of them and angry moms in the bike racks." Lance said. "This day cannot end soon enough I'd much rather take my chances out here in the cold then back in there with those little demons."  Aria said. " You and me both." Agreed Shun. I just nodded in agreement and walked over to Fabia. She smiled at me with that beautiful smile of hers and I did the same back at her. Taking a hold of her I kissed her quickly on the cheek, " Listen, I gotta talk to you in private for a minute do you mind?" I asked her. "No, Not at all."  I walked her down away from the door and around back to the loading docks, it was a bit more sheltered here from the wind and easyer to see thanks to the light. " Everything ok Dan, you seem like something is bothering you."  she asked. Seemed like she could instantly pick up on my mental state which really shouldn't surprise me too much, she did have a sharp mind. "Well... I suppose you've heard this by now but... umm, My old... ex girlfriend Runo..." I started, my thought were a jumble right now as I tryed to find the right words. " She started working here."  Fabia nodded and folded her arms over her chest as she leaned against the metal railing that led up the stairs to the loading dock's door. "I already know, Julie said she saw you with her and that Mucklehoney wanted you to train her how to work here." she said. " Well Yeah."  I could see right away some concerns in her face, her gaze drifted off to the side a bit a cold gust of wind then blew through the area, howling as it did so. "Do you miss her?" She asked. "Huh what was that?" "I asked if you missed her." Fabia asked again this time a bit louder.  To that I wasn't fully sure, I knew not as a girlfriend but as a battle partner and regular friend yes while at the same time still no. "Fabia, you know that I love you right? I will admit I did want Runo back for a while but not anymore. Not after what she did to me." I told her.  "I am not about to throw away everything I have with you or make you go through the same pain I did." I could see that she was still not too sure, in the corners of her eyes I think I saw a few tear drops starting to form and roll down her cheeks, and her crying was the last thing I ever wanted to see. "Fabs come on. I'm telling you the truth here." I said wrapping her in my arms and holding her close to me.  "You know, that night we went out with the others, and we had our little moment in the park that was what made everything clear. I knew that you were the real one I was meant for. I don't care if you are a princess, an alien, human, or what ever else... What I care about is the person in here. Right in here, the Fabia Sheen who made it so I can love another person again. The girl who is also one of the best friends I have ever had or will have."  

Fabia slowly turned her gaze back up to me and smiled, her tears still coming but not out of fear or sadness, her arms slowly found thier way around me and she let out a soft moan. "Dan.  I don't really know what to say to that other then you have taken the place Jin left empty when he died. You saved my planet and entire race when the brawlers came to Nethia. You've been my shoulder to cry on too for so long, and I thank my lucky stars for that every day, When ever I have to head home to Nethia I miss you so much that it hurts. I never want to lose you, ever."  "Don't worry. You never will."  I said. "You won't."  The two of us turned and saw Runo standing there nearby looking down at her boots on the pavement, "Dan, Fabia, I didn't come here to cause any trouble. Really I only came here to... Make things right. You read the note when I gave you Tigrerra as my gift before? I admitted that I wanted you back for a while but soon after that and again just now I realize I don't deserve you back Dan. Maybe I never deserved you at all."  She said. "Runo,"  She held a hand up towards us asking for silence. "All I want now is to be a part of your lives, not as a girlfriend, or a rival but friend and fellow Brawler cause in this time I have missed our friendship, I missed it soo much."   There were no lies in her words Both of us could tell. As the three of us  slowly made our way towards one another Runo reached out her hand again and looked hopeful, "Please, can we just be friends?"   Fabia looked at me with a small smile and nodded, signifying it was ok with her and I was starting to see that no real good came from holding grudges anymore. Very slowly I took hold of her hand and grinned. " Of course."

Suddenly a loud crash came from the parking lot right infront of the store followed by a loud blaring horn and car alarm going off. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHUGHAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY CAR MY CAR YOU IMBECILES WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY BEAUTIFUL CAR?!?!?!?!?!?!!!" Yelled Mr. Mucklehoney. "Baron, remind me to kill you later!!!" Ace snapped. "Note to self, the emergency break is on the left side the gas pedal is on the right, and there is no traction on ice."  The three of us broke into a laugh together, "Well let's go see what Baron has done this time." I said taking Fabia's hand again as she kissed me on the lips.  All and all this Black friday hadn't been so bad. I had gotten one of my old friends back in my life and I had my lovely girlfriend still with me. Not too bad if I say so myself.

The end.
Black friday story part 2 of 2.
well this is the other half of my new short story hope everyone liked it.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!

I do not own Bakugan in any way shape or form what so ever.
"Dan, Dan? Dan come on already!! I know you are awake in there don't pretend like you can't hear me, Let's get a move on already or we're gonna be late!"  Called my little sister, Sora from outside my room, Knocking on my door rather loudly.  Inside however I was laying in my bed all curled up nice and comfy in my sheets desperately trying to fall back to sleep while looking over towards my night stand at my clock radio which was flashing 10 : 49 p.m.  "Nope, not gonna do it, aint gonna happen, don't care if I get fired, don't care if mom blows a gasket I don't care,  I don't care, I am not getting out of bed." I  muttered to myself.  "Is he still asleep in there? Jeez your mom is gonna tear him a new one if he doesn't wake up soon." I heard my best friend and Sora's boyfriend Shun say from outside. "Not to mention Mr. Mucklehoney is gonna hit the roof." Added Lance.  I rolled over in my bed and groaned up at the ceiling in irratation, what in the world did I do to deserve this, this, this torture?  Having to go into work on Black Friday, the busiest damn shopping day of the whole freaking year and of all places a Toy store at that! "Gonna be crawling with little screaming crying demons wanting thier little Christmas presents as soon as they saw them or throwing snit fits..." I muttered. Not to mention I was currently battling a serious case of Indigestion from Dinner earlyer that day. It had been a great meal with my family and friends but I was seriously regretting that last slab of turkey which I just had to slather with extra gravy.  "Drago, Tigrerra, do me a solid and go tell them I am sick and can't work." I said to my partners on my night stand. "Sorry Daniel, That's not gonna happen, besides if we tell them that we'll get in double the trouble from your mother, you know how she loves Black friday." Drago said. "I still cannot believe she is a fan of this hectic day, but then again so was Runo's mom." Tigrerra added.  It was the same thing every year, Mom made dinner, we ate, then went to bed early so we had some fuel in us to get our asses up and help her start her Christmas shopping as soon as the Doors to the stores were open, Aria and Sora didn't mind it so much  but Dad and I HATED it with a passion. Still we had to do it because if mama wasn't happy then no one was happy, Thankfully since the lot of us had our horrible jobs we got out of it in favor for a brand new form of torture, actually working shifts.  

"Here let me try something." said a voice which sounded like an angel to me. Very slightly I watched the door open up and saw 2 shadows enter the room, one human shaped and one a bakugan floating next to it.  As they made thier way towards me I could feel a warmth start to envelop me and a smile make its way over my face. The larger figure, now was slightly more visible in the dim light of the street lights that filtered in through my curtains. I could make out her long silky smooth navy blue hair and slim outline of her figure as she sat down on the edge of my bed, leaning over and down towards me I was soon gifted by the sweet gentle  touch of her lips against my own it had become one of my favorite sensations as well as one of hers.  I slowly rose up into a sitting position and wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her along her back as I did so I felt her do the same with me.  I could feel  my heart beating  deep inside my chest and her as well. Every time I could hold her close to me like this I thanked my lucky stars, I thanked my sister and our friends for bringing us together for giving me a new love.  Sadly our need for Air soon became too great and we had to break away from each other's mouths.  "Heh, heh, heh. I never get tired of that I just love your Kisses." she said to me  "I could say the same thing about yours, Fabs." I chuckled as I turned on the light  and yawned discrietly.  "This early morning stuff is killing me why in the heck can't my Mom just order her crap online?" I asked. "Who in thier right mind wants to go out at this time of night?"   "Well look on the bright side." Fabia said, but stopping soon afterwards lost in thought. "Yeah, and what is the bright side?" I asked her. "Umm, well, uhh, I got nothing." she chuckled.  All I could do was smile and shake my head. "Well we better get going the sooner we get through this hell the sooner it is over." I said grabbing up  Drago and Tigrerra and some clean clothes.   Opening my bed room door I wasn't too surprised to see Sora and the others come flopping over into my room once the door was gone. " Seriously guys, don't you have anything better to do?" I asked. "Well yeah but spying and evesdropping is so much fun though!" Aria chirped.  

Down in the Kitchen I could hear Mom   complaining about us losing time as well as Dad trying to keep her calm.  I very rapidly did what I needed to in the shower and threw on my uniform before sliding down the banister into the living room. "Well its about time Daniel!!! For once can't you be ready to head out ahead of schedule like your sister?!" Mom said as she flipped through a mountain of newspaper coupons and  catalogs she had been collecting since Halloween. "It's bad enough I only have your Father today to help me get stuff  I can't afford to miss out on these deals, if I do my whole holiday shopping mojo will be thrown off." "And the whole universe will come to a screeching halt if that happens." I whispered to Drago and Tigrerra.  The two of them  chuckled softly as to not let Mom hear them. "SORA! GAYLE!  ARIA! PANZER! GET YOUR ASSES DOWN HERE AND OUT TO THE DRIVE WAY PRONTO!!!!" Mom yelled.  Both of them came rocketing into the living room followed closely by Shun, Lance and Fabia. After that we were rapidly shoved out the door into the freezing cold night air. You could see  quite a few other people who were also making their way out into the chaos that was sure to be Black Friday all of them seeking the best deals they could on stuff that they could probably do with out and honestly didn't even need all to save a few bucks. "I never will understand these humans no matter how long I live amongst them." Gayle said. "They are a most unusual race of creatures. They complain about things such as lack of sleep and the cold for the most part. Yet they still  go through with activities such as this which bring them into conflict with them."  Hawktor added. "Well its not like Vestals, Neathians, or Gundalians make much more sense either." Aranaut said, Terraroid nodded in agreement. " Hey, you do realize that we're standing right here." Lance said.  " Same could be said about you Bakugan really, your whole existance doesn't make much sense. You're huge giant monsters one minute then the next  you are plastic marbles that fit into a teenager's pocket." Fabia  smerked. "Plus the only real way you can battle is if you have a human or other sort of partner to do it with."   I added as I fumbled around with my keys to open the lock to my Van. " Ok guys Pile in, and be quick about it freezing my tail off here."   I called. The others each took thier seats as the engine revved to life. Fabia was up front with me while  Lance and Aria took the middle, Sora and Shun were riding with mom and dad in thier car,  sad to say but my little sister didn't exactly think I was the best driver in the world, but who was she to talk, she had failed her driver's ed test 10 times already!  "Ok ladies and gentlemen, and Bakugans.  Sit down, buckle up, and  hold on to your butts cause here we Go!!!"   I said, peeling out of the drive way and down the street.  "Whoa! Wha!! Gah!! Dan, watch the road! Oh left turn! Right! left right right No your other right!!!" Drago growled from his place on the dash board  watching as the headlights of other vehicles  shone in on us. "Oh come on Buddy not afraid of a little traffic are ya?!" I joked. " The traffic no, you behind the wheel of a car, yes!"  he said.  Really I only did that to get a little rise out of the others, soon afterwards I smoothed out and got serious. " How in the heck did you ever get a driver's lisence ya drive like a maniac!!" Aria panted. " I think I just lost like 10 years of my life just now." Lance said. "Ahh man you guys are whimps." I said " Not like anyone got hurt just now."  Fabia  turned and looked my way with a  slight glare, her hand on her chest trying to steady her  heart some after the fright she had. "You ever do anything like that again Dan Kuso and I will personally drop kick you to Neathia and back again." she said.  "Ahh no ya won't ya love me too much to do that." I said which made her sigh and roll her eyes. "You're lucky that you're right, ya crazy bastard." she  thought to herself.   Beforewe could head out to the mall and to our own personal nightmare, we had to pick up a few more of our friends.  I blew on my horn as we pulled up to Jake's house. "Hey rise and shine sleeping beauties   " Dan Kuso's  super speedy  shuttle service" is here!!" I called.  The others  started to laugh at my joke while the door opened. Jake  and Coredem were the first ones out followed by Ren and Linehalt. then Marucho, Preyas, Elfin, and Akiwamos and Julie and Gorem brought up the rear. "Dan the man with a big red van!!" Jake  called  Happily, climbing up into the back and giving me and lance a few fist bumps as he did so. " Oh boy tight squeeze." Ren  gasped  "No one breath, Jake here wolfed down  3 bean burritos before you got here. Try not to hit any bumps Ok Dan." He  added.  Lance and Aria erupted into laughter  while I sweat dropped,  "Alright alright enough chatter will ya let's get this  show on the road, I'm freezing here!" Julie  growled  " Missing out on 3 crutial hours of beauty sleep.. Mucklehoney better know I am putting in for overtime for today."   "Alright alright we're going already."

By the time we got to the mall, the parking lot was all but filled to the brim with people  and the doors weren't even  open yet. I could hear them complaining about the wait and the cold, all the while I dreaded   stepping through those sliding glass doors, all I wanted to do was get through my shift as soon as I could, get away from here, and curl up on the couch with Fabia  by the Fire place.  That was my idea of how to spend black friday, we eventually found a place to park on the 7th floor of the parking garage, right at the very top and the place where the wind was the coldest. " Yeeesh!! Who ordered the arctic blasts?!" I  asked  stepping out side and blowing on my hands, even through the gloves, the cold found its way through.  Just as we were making our way towards the  doors a pair of headlights caught us along with a siren. "FREEZE DIRTBAGS!!!" yelled a familier voice.  " Baron come on its too cold and too early for this." Fabia  said. The lights turned down and the  duo shown to be driving the security cart was none other then Ace and Baron. The two of them had recently gotten fired from thier job at Grub bucket in the food court when Baron set the kitchen on fire and only recently gotten on with mall security. "What kind of screening process did they have for mall guards, if they gave Baron a badge it must not of been too hard. " Ren asked  "Tell me about it." Lance said.  "Heh I don't envy you guys,  I heard Mucklehoney has quite the work load for his staff today." Ace grinned "Yeah but what about you? You gotta ride around with Brainless Baron here all day so it's not like you got the golden ticket either." I  snipped back.  Ace looked crest fallen, his gaze looking back at Baron who was clearly a little too enthusiastic about his new job.  "Yeah I know it's like a never ending nightmare. Knew I should of gone to work for Keith with Mira." He said.  "Hey Dan, by Any chance is your Mom still umm Mad at me for, ya know  the Over flowing Toilet incident of yesterday?"  Baron asked. I didn't even answer him, I just  did my best to surpress the Memory and walked away while wishing Ace all the luck I could cause he was going to need it.

"Well, lets get this over with." I said clocking in and heading into the store. I could hear the sounds of customers outside in the dark,  pounding on the glass and chanting for us to open up. I also spied Shun and Sora up ahead both of them looking pretty  overwhelmed at the task ahead. "Look at them all. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad." Sora said. "Easy there Babe, I got cha covered." Shun said. Thankfully they were on the loading docks, un loading the trucks that must of come in earlyer that night. "Be strong Sis, we'll get through this. we may be trampled, we may be  beaten up, heck we may even be bitten by a kid or 2 dozen but we will make it through." I said.  "Oh Dan! Mucklehoney wants to see you in his Office right now!" called Aria  walking past towards the front door. I didn't hesitate to get a move on, making a bee line for the wooden doors over to my right and threw them.  "Umm you wanted to see me Sir?" I asked as I opened the door and walked inside. Behind his desk sorting through piles and piles of papers sat Mr. Mucklehoney, his bald head shone brightly against the  flouresent lights, and his mouth clamped tightly around a cigarette. "Sit on down, David!  I need to have a talk with you." He said  "Umm It's Dan sir." I corrected him. "That's what I said Drew! What are ya repeating me for?!  I got a very special assignment for you today."   silently I was  groaning, wondering what it could be and praying with all my might that it wasn't getting dressed up and having to  dance around like a moron in the parking lot like Jake was right about now to draw in customers. " I got a new stocker starting today, and I want you to train her, considering you're one of the best I have, Derrek."  Mr. Mucklehoney said, blowing out a puff of smoke at me. "A new stocker sir? Is that really a good idea, and on black Friday of all days?"   I asked. "You telling me how to do my job Darius?! I have been in this game for over 25 years now and I know that more employees means my  store will stay stocked better and I can  stay open  longer. Plus it means more people will want to come and spend thier money here instead of those other places around town!  But if you would rather Devin, I can alway scrounge up another costume and put you out there with Jackson in the parking lot to draw customers in."

"You mean Jake sir, and no I I will do what ever you say. You want this person trained I will get her trained."  "Good. The New girl is named Rachel, or Ruthy, or what ever. Just get to work already and get outta my office, time is Money, and if you're wasting time then you are wasting money!"  I didn't say another word as I  left Mucklehoney's office. "Grouchy old bastard, why the fuck can't he ever get our names right?!" I cursed. This day had just gone from bad to worse and little did I know it was only starting. " So, you're the one who is suppose to train me? Heh surprise, surprise."  Said the voice of someone I honestly never ever expected to see again. Turning to my right I felt my jaw drop slightly. "Heh been a long time hasn't it Dan?"  "R, R, Runo?"
Black Friday story Part 1 of 2.
Hey guys!!! ugh the first chance I have had to write in a long time now!^^ I know I have an LBX story in the works but that is taking longer then I expected.  I will get it done soon I promise but until the I hope you will enjoy this little 2 parter.

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and after that is Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. I thought maybe I can have some fun with this and see how it goes. This is kind of connected to my Christmas story I did last year that did so well, which I am also planning a sequel for hopefully.

I hope you like it, part 2 should be up tomorrow or later tonight sometime.

I DO NOT  own any rights to Bakugan in any way shape of form what so ever.

Sora and Gayle belong to my friend Solar sensei,

Aria and Panzer are OC's I made for my Friend Mimzy

 Lance and Terraroid are my own OC's
Hey guys what is up? Well I think I finally made up my mind on what my next story is going to be. I hope it will go over well. For anyone who doesn't know

LBX is about these little robots  that people battle each other with inside of  specially made "Battle boxes". There are all different kinds, customized with special armor, weapons, and internal parts. Of course they have other uses then just friendly battles though and the weapons they are equipped with can do quite a bit of damage actually.  I have always loved anything that had to do with robots and I love fighting/ game animes  so this is the best of both worlds.

Season 1 is already done its run and season 2 is about to start on Sunday. If you haven't seen the show I highly recommend it. But I think I have a good enough grasp of the show to make a story for it.

If You know the show and would like me to put your OC and their robot in then just tell me.  this is my requirements for characters.

Name, age, hair color, eye color Back story ...

Are you a hero or a villain.

What team do you play for or do you play alone?

LBX specs are like name, type," Swordsman, archer, sniper, brawler..."  what weapons does your robot use? What does your armor look like,  what are your special attacks... 
Just tell me this stuff and I will try to add you in  Not sure when the first chapters will be up though.

Well gotta go, if you want a part in the story just tell me.
out of all the card games I have played in my life and I have played a lot I think Vanguard is probably the best or my personal favorite.  Love the art style on the cards, the consept of the game, the art for the monsters and warriors. ^^ and over all it is just fun granted the losing isn't fun but it  makes you think about new battle tactics and  forces you to look for better cards to add to your deck.

One thing I love is all the clans, that is fun in and of itself but there are some clans to me that stand out and others that fall short of others, This is my list which I wanted to share with you and compare to other players. Now if I put a clan you like kind of low or say it isn't too good in my eyes I mean NO OFFENSE TO YOU, OR TO OTHER PLAYERS WHO USE IT, OR TO THE CLAN ITSELF. I  personally just do not like these clans maybe because they haven't given me a good match or I don't like their  play style or art work, but lets get to it. 

top 7 best clans

7. Kagero, I think my best fights are usually against Kagero or Paladin players and if the Kagero focus around Overlord builds Those fights are always fun and challenging. I like how the cards are so fiery and explosive in color and the dragons in them are so different from the old way of picturing them. I am toying with  getting a Kagero deck  and adding the few cards I have to it to make it stronger. I only put Kagero low here because... I needed a bottom clan I honestly like it  a lot.

6. Dark Irregulars, Oh man one of the 2 clans I have Never won against, I think Dark Irregulars are a super strong and good clan to run. Like the Kagero I like the darker colors used in a lot of their arts and the soul charging  mechanic is a good one to have to power up for huge attacks. I have and Amon and amon reversed but don't run them cause I do not have enough and I prefer to work from trial decks so as I have a base deck to build from.

5. Narukami, Now this clan I do run, I have Eradicators and regular Narukami with Vermillion same as my best buddy who lives in my town. Only difference is I have the Blood. Narukami is one of the first clans I started to learn to play with and was drawn in by their sheer power they exhude when in play they way they destroy  your opponent's rear guards all at once as appose to Kagero picking them off one at a time. Art wise they are a tad better but not much. Kagero vs Narukami I am kind of in the middle, and don't want to take sides.

4. Nova grappler, Yeah I get that not a lot of people say Novas aren't good or you cannot win with them and to them I say Why?  I win pleanty with my deck, Battle razors are good, Beast deities are good, so what is the problem. Players I faced who are Nova grappler are really fun to play against, their art though is hit and miss with me. I like the robotic and cyborg looking monsters in the clan but the little regular  normal looking ones kind of don't really seem like they belong there. Of the sub sets I have to say Beast deities are my favorite of this group.

3. Link Joker, Heh heh heh, oh Yeah.... I love Link joker cause it forces you to keep on guard and watch your step cause a card you need gets locked and you are screwed if you cannot figure out a counter until they un lock. the first time I faced them I lost my rear end but good. and that made me want a deck with them. Sadly I am not the best with it  Figuring  out when cards Lock is kind of hard for me for some reason, art wise they seem to be the most diverse yet. You have Star vader,  Deletors, and Messiah. and all three are just so different it seems that they hardly belong to the same  clan. I have never faced Deletors but I hear they are tough and Messiah is too new so I stick with good ol Star vader.

2. Royal paladin / Genesis, this is hard to choose so I made it a tie. Both clans are  useful and good to run. I will say that I think Genesis is a bit stronger then Oracle think tank though and easier to play plus better art and more vibrant colors Royal paladin I had to put on here because the guy who got me into this game Is a Royal paladin player and  he has proven how  strong they are to me with his Soul saver dragon and Blaster blade decks.   while I do have a royal deck I  only pull it out as a second choice to my favorite and  best clan in my opinion.

1. Gold paladin, ^^ this is the clan I feel most comfortable running and win the most with.  I love their lore, their art, and play style. My main cards are Blond Ezel and Silver wolf Garmore. I also have an unfinished Liberator deck, I say unfinished cause there is still some stuff I would like to have for it. But Ezel and Garmore have brought me a lot of victories and they are my "Twin avatars." But not much to say I like gold paladins the best.

Ok, sigh, Worst clans time. Again I am sorry if your clan is here I mean NO insult what so ever  and am sorry for any hurt feelings but this is MY list and MY opinion which I am bound to get some flack for Please understand though.

7. Bermuda triangle, The mermaid concept and art is ok but  it is Goofy  I can't say why really but I just do not like this clan and they don't really seem popular anyway with players in my area.

6. Angel feather, Good art, good concept but a slightly un fair play mechanic. Being able to swap our cards between your hand and damage zone like this. I mean if you lose a good card you should be able to re think your battle plan and come up with something else, getting cards back and being able to use damage count ones seems well just un fair. 

5. Shadow paladin, This is probably the one most players are gonna hate me for but I cannot help it I just do not like Shadow paladins. their art is fine I love black as a color and their dragon units are cool it is just their mechanic I do not like I do not like the idea of sacrificing your own cards to gain power for an attack that may not hit at all. Plus I think it would leave your defense a little weak wouldn't it , cause you will need to spend a lot more time rebuilding a formation and  that would leave your hand pretty low on shield. Blaster dark, Phantom blaster dragon, and others though I will admit are  a challenge to play against. They just are not for me.

4. Granblue, Really I don't like any clans from megallanica too much but Granblue is slightly, an acception  I still don't like them very much but I will admit they are powerful and have some good art. I think what it is with them is, heh I have never really faced a granblue deck! Maybe if I did this would change Plus I have never been big on pirates either so... yeah.

3. Oracle think tank, I wanted to like the think tank I really did but  well I just do not for some reason and like with  Bermuda and granblue I cannot say what it is.  maybe like with Granblue I have never faced them, should this change I will re think on both clans.,

2. Great nature, Great nature is another clan I would like to like but do not I love animals, and I like how they are presented here. Their art is good but like with Shadows I don't like their play style  call stuff to rear guard, give it power then kill it later. Which seems like a waste to me of a unit. but this is the only real reason they are here. My least favorite clan  sadly in my mind has NO purpose and is useless in a fight  at least to me.

1. Neo nectar, I HATE neo nectars. I don't like their art, their play style and  over all do not see how they are useful. call stuff out to rear guard like royal paladin and gain power Ok but they say just fill up the rear guard  and it doesn't matter what it is just fill up the rear guard. that seems just slapped together formation wise to me.

Well those are my top 7 best and worst clans of Vanguard. What are yours? Like I have said  I mean No offence to the players or likers of my lesser 7 clans I mean nothing against you or them this is just how I feel.

well later guys! ^^
Ok  if you play or watch Cardfight Vanguard  I assume you know about this other show?

Future card Buddyfight?  Yeah before I did a quick review and opinion of it and wasn't impressed. But Looking at it now and seeing the series. It's, pretty good. Is it as good as Vanguard, No but it is a close one. I don't play the game cause I don't have a deck or cards. "Mainly cause my stores don't stock them enough or don't carry them."  Game wise though it looks Enjoyable.

But after seeing the show and the 9  current worlds.  "Dragon, Magic, Danger, Katana, Ancient, Dungeon, Hero, Legend, and Darkness Dragon" I wondered what other fans would make up for their own worlds. I got a few worlds in mind but not sure how they are. Tell me what you think of my ideas and feel free to share some of your own.

1. Cretaceous world: Monsters from this world are Basicly Armored, heavily armed Dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, their main trait would be when destroyed they increase gauge instead of being sent to the drop zone.

2. Jungle world: Monsters from this world fall into 3 groups, Insectoid like humans, Savage jungle beasts, and Humanlike animals.  I haven't worked out their  play style yet.

3. Spirit world: Monsters from this world are based on ghosts and phantoms.  they make heavy use of the soul guard abilty and the "Soul return" one I thought up for them which returns them from the drop zone to the deck.

4. Terror world: Monsters from this world are based around Monsters from classic horror movies and  slasher films. they focus on swift powerful attacks and getting them in rapid succession of each other

Well these are my ideas Tell me what you think if you play the game or like games like this.
Hey guys what is up? Well I think I finally made up my mind on what my next story is going to be. I hope it will go over well. For anyone who doesn't know

LBX is about these little robots  that people battle each other with inside of  specially made "Battle boxes". There are all different kinds, customized with special armor, weapons, and internal parts. Of course they have other uses then just friendly battles though and the weapons they are equipped with can do quite a bit of damage actually.  I have always loved anything that had to do with robots and I love fighting/ game animes  so this is the best of both worlds.

Season 1 is already done its run and season 2 is about to start on Sunday. If you haven't seen the show I highly recommend it. But I think I have a good enough grasp of the show to make a story for it.

If You know the show and would like me to put your OC and their robot in then just tell me.  this is my requirements for characters.

Name, age, hair color, eye color Back story ...

Are you a hero or a villain.

What team do you play for or do you play alone?

LBX specs are like name, type," Swordsman, archer, sniper, brawler..."  what weapons does your robot use? What does your armor look like,  what are your special attacks... 
Just tell me this stuff and I will try to add you in  Not sure when the first chapters will be up though.

Well gotta go, if you want a part in the story just tell me.


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Hobbies: Writing, reading, playing card games, watching TV, drawing, going on long walks, hanging out with my pals.

Likes: Women, Food, good old time music, comedy, werewolves, dragons, Tigers, Animals.

Dislikes: Rap music, veggies, people who get a kick out of seeing others in pain. conflict.

Favorite TV shows: Pokemon,Two and a half men, Mike and Molly, Power rangers, VR Troopers, Kamen rider dragon knight, Beyblade, Bakugan, Lost Tapes, Crocodile hunter, only in America with Larry the cable guy, American chopper Naruto.

I am basicly a big kid at heart, and i don't plan on changing that any time soon. I love to have a good time and am willing to try anything once. I am very close to my Father and i treasure that greatly. As well as my Best friend Zach Skidmore, he's also like my older brother because he's always got my back and I've got his.

I love to write fanfiction and i even write some of my own stories too. In fanfictions i love romance, horror, adventure, and crossovers.

I love old time music like Pink Floyd, ac dc, Metallica, Creedence Clear water, and the who.

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Well since you did CaD in Equestria I think perhaps you should try something back at CHS. Here maybe the sirens work on repairing their image in the students eyes. Maybe  it is Sonata's idea and she wants People to see the new them and repair the damage of the old them. Aria couldn't really care less but goes along with it because she cannot say no to that cute little blue ball of energy. Adagio is for it seeing it could be a fresh start.  I think it would be a good change of pace to see them more in a normal teen setting. cause heck  wars and fighting  evil beasts are easy if you have magic but  regular teenage life is hard in its own right and can seem like a battle. 

maybe add in some ideas from the 3rd movie "Assuming you liked and saw it."

But I got a few new Short story ideas.

1. Sonata's cavity. since she seems to really like sweet stuff and  candy like pinkie  I can see her like this but when she starts to feel pain in one of her back teeth Aria takes a look and tells her that it could be this. She is scared to death about going and having it filled in. So she trys to hide but it takes Adagio, Sunset, and Aria to drag her  along there.

2. Dog show. This would be a good one for steven and Sonata, "And it think it would be cute too.^^" Maybe Sonata is sitting on the couch with Steven watching TV and stops on a dog contest there. Steven maybe is more into the stick or bone, or her tail she is chewing on and not into it. Then later They learn of a dog show in town in a few days. Sonata knows she is wild but she wants to prove A wolf can be just as "Classy or pure bred" as a show dog so she starts trying to train her to get her ready for the show. Aria at first sees it as silly and ridiculous but then learns of the prize money and is like 'Let's get us a trophy!!"

3. Haunted house. Aria seems like nothing scares her and by the horror movie chapter that is clear but what happens when you start hearing weird stuff in your own home and  hearing rumors about the land itself. All this can also come from staying up too late watching horror movies and binging on junk food. But She perhaps starts to believe the farm house and the land are haunted.

4. While the  owners are away, the pets will play. This is more geared for Steven and Bobby and the pups. Perhaps the main cast are gone for the night and the pets are home alone. Bobby just wants to sleep like a cat would but the pups won't let him and they want to play Steven is trying to get him to loosen up some and have fun. But the Bobcat while accepting of the larger predator isn't a player. By the end of it though he is closer and like an unofficlal sibling to them and pup to Steven.

The last one is up in the air though assuming you keep bobby around which I hope you do,  him with Sunset and Adagio makes me smile a lot and it is really cute. Hope you let him stay with them.
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Hey dude you know my buddyfight oc ryoko?

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her kamui corgadget is like a fusion of both senketsu and junketsu
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