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While Misty and the others had thier hands full trying to keep Brock from ruining thier date, Ash and Dawn were currently making thier way towards the restaurant Ash had selected for them, both were hopeful that they would finally be able to convey thier true feeling to the other and that tonight would bring both of them closer then they had been before. "Heh, I never in a  million years thought I would ever see you dress like this again." Dawn said with a smile as she motioned at Ash's clothes. "I'm so use to see you with a Pokeball in your hand and Pikachu on your shoulder. It's kind of like I'm looking at a whole different Ash all together." The raven haired boy hummed as he  ran his hands through his hair to smooth the sides back down some. "Say what you want, I think I clean up pretty darn well."  Dawn nodded agreeing with him, "You're hair smells really nice,  you use some new kind of shampoo or something?"  The blue haired girl giggled and started to play with a stray lock that was starting to work its way free and back down into her face. "Well I did pick up this new stuff in Hoenn so I guess you could be smelling that." she said. "Really it was Zoey and May who fixed my hair up for me, If not for them I probably would of been late and you would think I'd stood you up."   Ash was grinning as he thought back to all the times Dawn had freaked out because of her hair wasn't cooperating with her. During his travels through the Sinnoh region he has seen her tie it back in pony tails like it was now, curl it,  tie it in little pig tails and back with scrunchy buns... In his opinion though he thought it always looked best when she just let it flow back straight like she normally did when they were on the road.  Ash wasn't sure why but he always thought that look suited her best,  maybe because  when ever they would set up camp for the night and he would steal a glance over at her  and see her brushing her hair he would swear it looked like a cascading water fall crashing down  to the earth below.  One thing he never really understood was why Dawn would always go so over board at her contests and have to doll her face up in so much make up and try to make herself look like one of the women you would see in the magazines at a super market check out stand, One of he reasons liked her the way he did was because she wasn't like them. She had a natural beauty about her that complimented her gentle and kind nature and her  fiesty side as well all of these things worked together to build her into the girl who had found her way into Ash's heart he was so greatful that she had agreed to go out with him tonight heck he was greatful that he was able to spend time with her again like before so that was why he was determined to make sure tonight was perfect.

"Hello? Earth to Ash, Are you even listening to me or what?!" Ash was thrust out of his memories and back into the present as he  shook his head back and forth quickly. Too quickly infact he was so distracted that he ended up walking face first right into a  street lamp and landed on the ground with a thud right on his butt. "Youch! Son of a, who put that  pole in my way?!" he asked rubbing his nose. Dawn was trying hard not to laugh at him but it was clearly not working. "The pole was always there, you were just  in La La land like you always are." she said with  hand over her mouth, trying to keep her laughter down to a giggle. " Somethings never change. Probably thinking about which league you'll try to win next I bet." She said. " Well, Not exactly."  Humming as she helped him back up, Dawn wondered what Ash could of been thinking so hard about that he would do something like walk into a street lamp like he did. "He's still the same guy he was back when we were in Sinnoh. Maybe he's gotten a bit taller but I'm glad he hadn't changed too much." she thought watching him rub his fore head's growing lump. "I'm sorry I shouldn't be laughing at you. I hope you're ok." "Ahh No need to worry I'm the one who should be sorry, I was so distracted I didn't hear what ever it was you were trying to ask me." Ash replyed as he stood up and dusted himself off. "Well I was just wondering where it is you're taking me is all." asked the Blue haired girl. The raven haired boy grinned and wagged a finger in the air. "Sorry! I can't tell you that cause it's a surprise. Let's just say you won't be too dissapointed."  Now Dawn was even more curious, she then started to guess where it was that Ash could of chosen to have dinner at and since she knew how much he liked to eat that was already quite a long list to go through. "Alright! Here we are." He said once the two of them had arrived at thier destination.

Before them sat a small hill side with concrete steps leading up to an old  four leveled wooden building with white and brown paint. Around the ground there were lights planted and shining  brightly which showed people up on the 4th floor eating outside and enjoying the view of the town around them, while others sat on the other three floors inside enjoying their meals. Beside the enterance there was a little  waterfall and a spinning wheel which turned as the water fell on it, over head of the door the name of the restaurant. "The sheltered cove." Read Dawn, this seemed to be quite the high class place by the looks of it and really was the last place she would expect Ash to take her on a date she was kind of just expecting a regular restaurant nothing like this. "Yeah, I was out here earlyer with the guys and I thought you would like to try it  out with  me, I mean If this is too much we don't have to We can go and eat somewhere else if you like." Ash said. "No! No this is fine I'm fine with it." Dawn said smiling and  listening to both hers and Ash's stomachs growling. " Good, Cause I am like 12 kinds of hungry!!!" he said making Dawn break into a laugh again. "Nothing new thier." The two of them quickly  made thier way inside the doors and Ash mentioned his reservation he had made. "Oh yes, there you are, Mr. Ketchum, party of 2 and you have requested the 4th floor. If you will just follow me I will be happy to take you to your table." Said the  greeter before leading them up the stairs.  "Here you are I'll give you a minute to check over our menu and a waiter will be right with you to take your order."  The two of them nodded and started to do so, Dawn was a bit distracted by  the view the two of them had.  You could see for a good ways across the hill sides and into town and out to sea as well.

Over head in the sky the sun was starting to set and painted the heavens with brillent shades of red, orange, pink, and blue. The ocean waves rippled and churned as they reflected the glowing golden yellow orb off of thier surface. Ash let out a relaxed sigh and smiled feeling the cool salt winds blow gently across the roof top. They once again carried Dawn's sweet seant into his nose. " So what do you think?" He asked with a smerk. "You weren't expecting his were you?" he asked. "No, No I was not." The blue haired girl said as she scanned around her looking at the various statues and potted plants that adorned the roof top. From farther down below in the kitchen They could smell the aromas of the food cooking  and it made both thier mouths water. "You do like Itallian don't ya?" Ash asked. "It's one of my favorites." Dawn  replyed Ash silently  whooped  to himself, thankful he had made a good call on his choice. "Well You can pick what ever you want Dawn. I got it covered." he said already starting to narrow down his own choice.  Soon the two of them placed thier orders and sat waiting to fill thier stomachs. As they did so they chatted about thier  journeys and  battles, what Pokemon they had seen or caught, and the friends and rivals they had made. "You're kidding me? She really gave out badges depending on how the fight turned out in her head?!" Dawn asked in shock of how idiotic Skyla's way of battling was. "Yep! All so she can waste time goofing off in the sky more." Ash nodded, sipping on his soda. "I've never met a  gym leader as  disgraceful as her." he said  "Well throw that Iris you've told me about in there too and it's no wonder why you left Unova. Sounds like it was a bad idea all around."  Ash sighed and had to agree there, "Well I did catch a bunch of cool Pokemon though and made some friends, and the whole thing did have one other good point, Us getting to see each other again like this."  Dawn blushed again, which only made her look cuter to Ash. He could feel his heart starting to beat a bit faster and his own face heat up. "Thanks for coming out with me tonight Dawn." "No problem Ash, I am a little curious though... Why did you want to-" Dawn never got a chance to finish her question however as the waiter came and soon Ash's focus was set firmly on the plate of pasta and meatballs infront of him.

The two of them enjoyed thier meal up top watching the sunset over the ocean, it was like something out of a movie almost, something that didn't happen too often in normal everyday life. Neither one of them wanted to head back to the hotel just yet so they desided to go out for a short walk on the  beach and look up at the stars in the darkening sky. "It's so beautiful out here." Dawn said as she tilted her head up and let the wind blow through her hair once again. " Quiet too, you don't get this kind of peace in the city too often Maybe why I like  camping out so much. It's recharging  just being out in nature." He said.  They kept walking on a bit longer, Every now and then they would stop to skip a few   stray stones or  look for sea shells. "Dawn, you were trying to ask me something back at the restaurant, what was it?"  "Well I was kind of wondering why it is you wanted to go out with me so suddenly like this?" she said as she turned to face him now, her hands clasping around a shell she had found. Ash felt his heart starting to speed up again, this was it,  she ventured in wards now it was time to cast his line and see if he would land the girl he wanted so badly. "Dawn, I... I... I can't hide it any more. See, I've kind of wanted to ask you out for a long, long time now. Only I was always too nervious to just come right out and do so. Mainly because I didn't want to be rejected." He explained, His breathing was speeding up too and he could feel himself starting to sweat, it felt like he was racing to get away from an en raged Rhyhorn bearing down on him, he felt like he wanted to run away, too fearful of her reaction when he finally told her but looking at her now. Staring at him with intense curiosity Ash knew there was no going back now. " Dawn. I've made a lot of female friends in my time as a trainer, but you. Something about you made you stand out to me, you're kind, gentle, smart, and just so naturally pretty I honestly don't see why you use so much make up during contests you're hiding your natural good looks. What I am trying to say is, well Dawn. I,... I love you. I truely do."

Dawn was shocked, almost in disbelief of what she was just told. She could feel tears running down her cheeks as she threw her arms around Ash and hugged him tightly. "Ash. I Love you too. I have ever since Sinnoh. When you left for Kanto again I missed you so much, I felt like part of my world was gone right then and there." Ash then gently  raised Dawn's face up to look at him and smiled as he cleared the tears from her eyes. "Well you'll never have to feel like that again, because I never want to leave you again, where you go I go." It was then right there under the starry night sky, by the  calm sea that the two of them finally shared thier first kiss, it wasn't very long but it still carried with it so much meaning to both of them.
A pearl full of love Chapter 11.
A story of mine I meant to finish a long time ago  chapters 1 - 10 are already up. Please like and I am sorry if it isn't great I am very tired right now. please enjoy.
After that night, everything seemed to change for the better for me. It felt as if a great dark cloud, that had held me it is grip for the past 2 years had finally been blown away and I was walking in the rays of the sun once again. The cold no longer bothered me as much; I enjoyed smelling the sweet seants of treats baking in the kitchen, hearing the sound of carols being sung on the street corners through out town, seeing the  joy in the faces of kids as they came into the toy store to pick out thier gifts and watching as they were lovingly hugged by thier parents. Yes I can honestly say that for the first time in  a long long time I had regained my Christmas spirit and the joy of the season, two things I never intended to lose ever again. But I will say this I never would of regained them if not for the kindness of my "Guardian angels." Shun, Lance, Ren, Aria, Drago, and especially Sora, with out thier advice, encouragement, and kindness I never would of regained my sight and found my way into Fabia's heart.  It was about 3 days later that I took her out on our first official date as a couple we didn't go anywhere earth shatteringly romantic or out to a five star restaurant mind you, I just took her out to dinner and to see a movie, I could tell she had a good time though by the way she kept looking at me lovingly and clinging on to me. I capped the night off by taking her up on a flight in to the night on Drago, thankfully he was happy to take us.  

The rest of the month was fairly quiet, and quite enjoyable, I had even become more tollerant of Kevin and Emi's rambunctious behavior, they were kids after all  and Christmas was thier biggest time of the year. We were all like them in our past. Heck I was kind of guilty of getting involved with some of thier hijinx more then once. One thing I honestly didn't see coming though was Uncle Buzzard asking for Aunt Misaki to take him back and even more that she said yes! Still it was a heart warming sight to behold and I was glsad for Kevin and Emi to have thier family whole again.   Right now though I was laying  snoring away in my bed  curled up underneath my blankets. The night before had been absolutely crazy with the party at Marucho's house and then  flying back home to have the family party. I was enjoying the sweet peace and quiet of sleep.  I could faintly hear the ticking of my alarm clock on the night stand as it counted down to zero, waiting for the bells to awaken me and Sora and signal to us that it was Christmas morning.  Sora was sprawled out on her air mattress on the floor  as she cuddled her stuffed wolf toy and moaned softly to herself. Drago and Gayle were also asleep on the night stand. I would of liked to keep dozing until the sun came up but sadly it wasn't to be. As the door to my bed room started to open ever so slightly and 2 small  pajama clad figures made thier way inside. "3,2,1, WAKE UP DAN!! WAKE UP SORA IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!!" Called Kevin and Emi as they launched themselves down on top of me. "Ugh!!!" I grunted feeling both of them come flopping down with all thier weight on to my stomach and chest. All the air was forced out of my lungs and I shot awake both startled and slightly irratated.  I growled as I turned on my night stand light and  looked at the two of them smiling as they sat on me.  "Oh man, Guys... It's like 5:00 in the morning." I groaned  looking over at the clock. "So? Santa's already been and gone by now let's go see what he left for us down by the tree!!" Kevin said as he bounced a bit. "Yeah Dan don't you wanna see your gifts?" Asked Emi. "I'd much rather see the inside of my eye lids for another 2 hours." I groaned. "That or be curled up with Fabs on the couch under a blanket." Sora replyed in a sleepy but  laughing tone. "Yeah or that one." I admitted. "Come on, come on, come on!!!" Kevin said  pulling on my wrist and trying to sit me up. Emi was doing the same to Sora putting on her glasses for her. "Sleep now, presents later!" She  grumbled  placing a pillow over her  head. I chuckled as I thought back, How many time had the two of us woken Mom and Dad up extra early like this, all reved up and  energized to see what Santa had brought us the night before.  Quite a few times I would probably say, and if they were anything like we were there was no chance of falling back to sleep for them so I very slowly  started to raise up out of my bed and cracked my neck and wrap my  robe around myself. "Come on Sora, Let's humor them." Kevin and Emi  were bouncing about with delight as I woke up Drago and Gayle. "Hermph." Sora  grunted I could tell she was desperately wanting to go back to sleep, "Well Ok, if you don't want your gifts fine, Aria and I will split them." I said Opening the door again as quiet as I could and shooing Kevin and Emi out.   I could hear her groan and curse softly one last time before finally relenting and standing up to join us.  

Before making our way down stairs to the living room and the tree we stopped to get Aria and Panzer so they wouldn't miss out on the fun, she was about as happy as we had been to be woken up from her slumber and even threatened to have give them to Panzer as new Chew toys if Kevin and Emi didn't leave her alone did that stop them though Heck no  they kept right on bugging her until she gave in and joined our sleepy little band. "5:00 in the morning, it's 5:00 in the morning guys. Who in the heck is up this early?" she groaned, using me as a   leaning post. "Kevin and Emi,  and the three of us apparently." Sora answered "And of course you guys had to go and wake me up from a great dream too."  she  added making me chuckle. "What was it this time, The one where you and Lance are getting married in Hawaii or the one where you were chasing after the giant walking chocolate donut?" I asked. Aria gave me a sleepy glance and winked "That's for me to know and you not to find out."  I nodded and let out a relaxed sigh before  putting a hand on Sora's shoulder to stop her and pull her back to talk to her. "Hey guys, I wanted to say, thanks a lot, and that I'm really sorry for the way I acted in the past around Christmas time. I really do owe you. If not for your help I probably never would of been able to admit my true feelings to Fabia or to myself for that matter." I said "You guys aren't just family to me. You're real friends."  Both of them  grinned and I felt thier arms go around me in a double hug which I was more then willing to return. Over head Drago, Gayle, and Panzer floated  also glad for us that all had turned out well.  "Come on we better hurry up and catch those two other wise they'll be  tearing into everything around the tree."  I could see the light of colored lights shining from tree in the corner of the living room. Kevin and Emi were already  going through the un wrapped toys that had been left out for them  in case something like this happened. Good thing too other wise we would of probably been woken up even earlyer then this.  

The three of us were sitting on the couch going through the gifts that had also been left out for us by Mom and Dad, they must of figured that we were lible to pull the same stunt and wanted to avoid it. I was currently watching Kevin and Emi playing with thier toys while I held my new bat and glove in my hands I could hardly wait to try them out once the season started up in the spring. Sora was already starting one of the new books she had gotten while Aria was going over new game stratagies with Panzer as they went through the new cards she had gotten from some  battle packs.  "Heh, this is fun, It really has been too long since I've done something like this." I said softly to myself. "Way too long. It's good to have you back Dan." Sora  said, looking at me out of the corner of her eye and smiling "All thanks to you, love ya little sis." I said patting my sister on the shoulder. "Love you too Big bro."  "Hey, Dan look, here's one more present for you Over here by the door." Said Emi as she brought me over an envelope and a small bo wrapped in yellow and white paper. "Who're they from?" Drago asked  "Don't know, there's no name or address." I said opening the envelope and taking out the letter inside, as I read it.  

"Dear Dan,
How have you been, I hope you and your family are doing well in your new home. It's been forever since I've heard from you or any of our other friends, But that doesn't really surprise me too much considering what I did to you.  Things up here between me and Corey are going pretty good, we do still have our spats now and then no where near as bad as we had though.  When we go at it I can't help but think back to when we were together and how we were, I've been thinking a lot about this lately and how I hurt you  back then. It didn't bother me much at the time but  as time passed I realized I made a terrible, irreverseable mistake.  

For a while I  wanted to try and get you back to  beg you to forgive me, but I've come to realize that I love Corey too much and more to the point I don't deserve you back not after how I went behind your back like I did maybe I never did deserve you in the first place. It took a lot of courage to write this letter but I just wanted to tell you somehow that I am so, so sorry and I hope that you can maybe find it in your heart to accept my apology and my friendship back at least. Hopefully the gift in the box will make you think about it at least and I just know that you will take as good of care of her as I did, maybe even better.

I have to go, I've got a lot to do. Have a Merry Christmas with your new girlfriend, who ever she is and  I hope you will at least think about my request.  I am sorry for everything.

Your friend, Runo Misaki."

I was in shock as I stared down at the present in my hands, nearly forgetting it was there at all at first. But soon Curiosity  got the better of me as I opened it up. Inside it was a little white and yellow ball which quickly opened up and unfolded into a small tiger like monster in my hand.  "Greetings, Daniel it has been a while hasn't it?"  She said. "Tigrerra? Is it really you? What in the name of Vestroia are you..." "Runo and I talked it over and desided that perhaps  this was the best way to  convince you of her sincerity, she misses your friendship greatly, as well as all of the brawlers. While she may not play anymore she does  hold the memories of you all close." Drago then  floated down and sat next to Tigrerra in my hand looking at her then at me. "What do you think Dan?" If there was one thing I had learned about Christmas was that it could cause a lot of pain. But at the same time it could also cause an even greater amount of happiness it was also a time for  second chances. Perhaps I had held my grudge against Runo for too long and accepting her friendship again was my first true step to becoming a better, stronger man.  I sighed as I  held both my partners in my hand, lifting Tigrerra up a bit closer before smiling. "I'd be glad to. Welcome Home Tigrerra."  Before long Mom , Dad, and the others woke up and we all got our gift exchange under way.  We all got some pretty nice stuff this year. But the best was still to come, when we heard the  knock at the door and rushed to see Shun, Lance and Fabia  all there and waiting for us.  The girls immidately threw thier arms around their respective boyfriends and revealed in thier  loving embraces. I was doing the same as I held Fabia against me  and rubbed her back. "I'm so glad you're here. This has gotta be the best present I could ask for." I whispered in her ear and kissed her on the mouth. "I'm glad I can be here with you, Dan. I love you so much." She said. "I love you too." I told her
Drago was now introducing Tigrerra to Aranaut and the rest of the Bakugan who were sitting on the table I was glad to see her already making friends with them. "So, that's Tigrerra ehh?" Fabia asked. "Yeah. Jealous I got 2 partners?" I asked. "Piff, You wish, I can brawl Circles around you no matter how many Bakugan you use." Fabia said grinning and poking me in the chest. "Ok little Missy, You and Me  battle later and I'll just show you how good I am." I challenged. "Heh, How did I know you were going to say that?" she  asked  "Because You know me so well." Nearby Lance was standing with his arm wrapped around Aria, the necklace he had given her as a gift was now clasped around her neck, Sora and Shun were also looking on  pleased that thier hopes had been answered, thier hands clasped together. His gift to her was a pair of snow boots she had been wanting.  Me, I didn't need anything else, what could I want I had a great family, close friends, Loyal Bakugan  I treasured, And a beautiful girlfriend I would hold dear forever, I had everything I ever wanted or would need.  "Merry Christmas, Fabia." "Merry Christmas, Dan."

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Happy New year to all!!!!
Bakugan Christmas Ch 10. Final chapter.
Dan, his family and friends are now able to enjoy the holiday in peace and  happiness.

I hope you all enjoyed this story and thank everyone who liked it. this may not be my best chapter but I did what I could Hopefully my new year's story will make up for it.

everyone have a merry Christmas and happy holidays.
Well it is almost here, tomorrow is Christmas eve and then we will be at the best day of the whole year, after that we move on to new years, 2015 baby!

seems like just yesterday 2014 started and before we know it, it will be over.

But I just wanted to wish all my good friends, readers, and watchers a very very merry Christmas and happy holidays.  I pray you enjoy them and thank you all for being my friends, liking my stuff and look forward to 2015 to reading and faving new art you put up.

Merry Christmas!!!!^^
"What's happening;  what're they doing, I can't see anything don't leave me out of the loop, somebody tell me!!" Said Julie as she bobbed back and forth between her tightly packed friends who were hiding back in the dark woodline all just as curious as her. "Shush! Julie you mind taking it down a few thousand notches? Jeez you're gonna give us away if you're not careful." said Marucho who was having about as much trouble finding a place to stand as she was but was being more quiet about it. "So was all this part of your plan too?" Shun asked Sora as she kept a close eye on her friend and brother and silently prayed for things to turn out the way she was wishing for them. " A little bit of yes and no. I kind of had a gut feeling they would try and slip away but most of that was me thinking Dan would chicken out." Lance grinned as he leaned against a snow covered tree and folded his arms over his chest. "Sure doesn't look like he's chickened out to me. He was the one who kissed her. I'd say that your plan has done its  job and then some." Aria nodded in agreement a smile was working its way across her mouth as she shared in both Lance and Sora's feelings and hopes. " Good thing I spotted them slipping off, otherwise you would of been scouting all around the park all night." Ace said. "Heh goes to show you guys are kind of lost with out me you're brain trust." He grinned as he patted his slightly larger ego some. "Careful your head doesn't float away there Ace. It would be kind of hard to clean up after Baron's messes that way." Shun  snickered. Ace groaned and face palmed as he had just finally forgotten about Baron's mixture of stupidity and  bad luck. "Moron's probably set the skate rental hut on fire by now, or forgotten to pick up all the money he spilled all over the place, or caused someone to break thier leg cause he gave them a faulty pair of skates, or started a freaking no holds bared hockey game on the ice rink, Come on Mira we gotta get back and fix this!!!" Ace nearly  roared as he  grabbed up Mira's hand and pulled her off out of the thicket and back through the park way. "Heh, Poor Ace, he just cannot catch a break." Lance said. "What do you expect, Baron is his and Mira's roommate. All thier stuff is in  constant danger of being broken. Remember how he nearly burned thier apartment down?" Baron had desided he wanted to help Mira out in the kitchen once and that was ok but. He forgot to get everything out of the oven there, he stupidly left a bag of marshmellows inside there and  they fell catching on fire which he just stood there and watched burn. by the time the fire department got there Mira was ripping out her hair and Ace was a hair's breath away from  putting Baron into the  grave. "You gotta feel sorry for them it's not like he sets out to destroy stuff. Baron just has way too much over eager energy." Julie said. "And the brain power of a  turnip." Aria  chuckled. "Shush!!! Quiet down again you guys we've got activity!" Sora said motioning for them to come in closer and see what was happening.

Was this real? Was this really happening to me and not all part of some crazy whacked out dream, I was really kissing Fabia on the mouth. As I did so the first thing I noticed was how soft her lips felt, they also had a slight cherry or strawberry taste to them, probably from her lip baum. As I held her close to me I felt her stray strands of navy blue hair tickling my face and nose. Such soft hair she had  she must of used quality conditioner. I could feel my tounge slide right into place inside her mouth and her rubbing against my own and oh man did it feel good. I could feel her arms wrapping around me and  clinging on tight, I did the same to her I never wanted this feeling to end this felt right, like everything that had been bothering me up until now was just being erased and forgotten. As much as I wanted the moment to never end It had to as the need for air became too great and the two of us parted panting and puffing for breath.  Now that it was over though I froze, what if she didn't like how bold I had just been and stole a kiss from her like that? For all I knew this could be what caused her to drop me as a friend all together. I had to come up with an excused for my sudden action anything at all to save face and smooth over any ruffled edges that may of come from it. "Ugh, look listen Fabia I know that was sudden but I couldn't help my," She didn't even give me a chance to finish speaking before plastering herself to my face again  and diving straight back into it. This knocked me clear out of the ball park in surprise, I was almost certain she would be either furious or just confused as you coul be  but no she was the one who was kissing me now and I was not turning it away by any means. "Dan, What was it you said to me? just a little while ago?" she said in a whisper once we seperated her voice was filled with a desire to know the truth, searching for something that was hopefully there nessled in to a little hiding place somewhere  and she wanted to find it.  as she turned and looked at me I saw her eyes shimmering behind a blanket of tears that threatened to flow down on to her cheeks. You could see small streams starting to as her lower lip quivered, "Please, what was it?  Please say again."  I could feel a strange almost magical sort of emotion start to over take me, she was so beautiful  that was the best way I could discribe her still tears were the last thing I wanted to see on her face. A face that I thought should always be happy and filled with light. Using my thumb I  dried her tears before taking hold of her right hand, it was so warm and inviting her fingers slowly found thier way around my own. "I said, I love you." I told her now certain of myself, the I thought thing was thrown out the window along with Runo. Sora and Aria were right Drago, Shun, and Ren were right I couldn't hide any longer or run away forever I was going to make my move and not worry anymore about the out come. "I've fallen for you Fabs, Don't ask how or why but I'd wager that the feelings were always there but I kept them hidden away because i was scared of your rejection. Scared that You would be like Runo all over again and I would be right back where I was."  

She didn't know it really but one night I saw her in her true Neathian form outside the castle one night looking up at the sky. At first it took me a while to realize what I was looking at but when I did I couldn't turn away from her she looked so sad and lonely looking up at the moon by herself, as for her physical self, she was... Radient. Her pale lavender skin complemented the white light of the moon ever so well they seemed to blend together in the perfect shades of themselves. Those hypnotic green eyes of hers were more like gem stones in her real form  gems that had been polished to sheer perfection simply priceless treasures on her planet, treasures to me as well. "I never said it because i thought you would be mad at me. But I have seen your real form, you're neathian side underneath the human guise. Fabia, You're just so gorgious like some kind of deity almost, which considering how cool you are really doesn't surprise me.  I've never had a friend like you, Just the small things you have done. They've done so much to help me out with my pain and I thank you for that, love you for that." Fabia was crying again but there was a smile on her face as she threw her arms around me and hugged me tight weeping into my shoulder as she did so. "Dan, I, I, I love you too!! I was the same way  as you  afraid to say it. But oh man I wanted to so bad. I'll tell you this  you helped me as mush as you say I've helped you. I missed Jin so much I sometimes wished I'd been there with him when he fell so I would still have him. " she said. That thought was something I didn't even want to hear about her being dead, us never meeting her and  adding her to our little family, her healing the pain. "But you Dan, battling with you,  getting to know you. I  slowly started to recover and it wasn't long before you filled the hole that grew from losing Jin. Which is why, I can honestly admit that I do love you too."  "Fabia..." I had no more words no more thoughts just my feelings to let out. I pat her on the back and smiled. I could feel the warmth of Christmas again, hear the music playing, see the snow falling and the lights twinkling again. I felt my spirit return to me and it had been  along time coming.

Just then I felt a snow ball hit me in the back of the head and fall down my coat back. "What?! What the bull moose?!" Fabia giggled as she pointed behind me where Aria and the others were standing   the latter holding snowballs in thier hands ready to fire. " Heh looks like we've got some un armed  victims here, Firing squad, ready, aim, launch!!!!" Shun said  I grinned and took hold of Fabs wrist pulling her away. "Don't let them get away, Full persuit." Sora grinned   putting an arm around Shun as the others  followed after us. " You were right. Dan does care about her and the feeling is mutual. Leave it to you to spot what none of us could. You've made a little holiday magic here tonight. I love you Sora." Shun said kissing her on the mouth quickly. "I love you too Shun."  She said. "Hey! Smooching targets at 4 a clock let;s blast em!" Lance said as he rushed back with Aria  close behind, his hand  clasping hers as they attacked. Shun jumped infront of Sora and got a mouth full of snow as a result of it But she was quick to avenge her man and  turn the tables. As I watched this playing out I couldn't help but laugh and reveal in the joy that had returned to me. Things were back to how they were suppose to be and the big day hadn't even really come yet, what would happen there I wondered. "Hey Danny, hope you don't mind if I give you a little present early." she said plowing a snow ball into my face. As I  spat it out and  cleared it from my eyes, I felt her lips go against my own  once again opening them up to look at her though I saw she had turned off her disguise and was in Neathian form once again. The beauty once had was now tripled as she had grown up since then My heart pounded and my whole body tingled as she smiled and tilted her head towards me. "Am I still how you remember like this?" she asked. "No. You're not, you're even better then before and I've gotta be the luckiest guy ever to be with you."
Bakugan Christmas Ch 9.
Dan finally gets the courage to tell Fabia how he fells for him and is rewarded for it with a warm heart and her own feelings for him.

"10 will be the end for this story was going to do 12 but have ran out of time. maybe I will try a new years one  and you know I am working on a main story since I promised it so much.

hopefully that will get started at the first of 2015.  to all my readers and friends I wish a merry Christmas, happy holidays."
"Oh crap, oh holy crap Sis, what have you gotten me into here? I can't ice skate you know that, Damn I'm gonna blow any chance I got with Fabia the second I slam face first into the ice." I said rubbing my head to ease a growing headache. " Oh come on Dan,  that attitude of your is what is gonna  cost you in the end not messing up skating." Sora warned me "I just don't get why you picked this of all things we could do why pick this?" I wondered, Thinking about it now this was a stupid question to ask pretty much anyone who wasn't decorating, out shopping, or on thier way to visit relatives was planning a trip to the park pretty soon, I hadn't seen it my self yet but from what I had heard the grounds keepers had gone all out this year trying to appeal to everyone from children to the elderly. Other then the ice skating rink there were suppose to be light displays and shows, a little mini petting zoo for the real little kids, a little area where kids could get thier pictures taken with Santa claus and that was all that I had heard so far for all I knew there could of been even more. "It does sound pretty cool I will admit that." I muttered as I cracked my neck, Looking up into the grey cloud covered sky I felt the falling snow flakes hitting me in the face each time they landed they sent a quick cold jolt into me. "You ok Dan? You kind of look like you have something on your mind." Aria asked me as she tapped me on the shoulder and snapping be back to reality. " Uhh, wha, nah, I'm fine Aria nothing to worry about." I said  quickly brushing her  question off. " Hey, Aria, I gotta ask You really like Lance don't you?" I asked making her jump I guess she wasn't expecting that sort of question from me. She recovered quickly though and hummed in thought of her answer. "I do like him a lot, he is like one of the best friends I've ever had, and one heck of a kisser at that." She said. I didn't really need to know the last part, "If I hadn't of met Lance I never would of gotten Panzer either and  probably never would of gotten into Bakugan at all. I would of been missing out on a lot of fun." "I am also greatful to Lance for bringing me to you Aria. I don't think I could of asked for a better partner." Replyed her little Haos Bakugan. Aria smiled and placed a hand up towards her shoulder to touch and stroke him along his head. "But there is more to it then that. Lance is a lot like me, We have a lot of the same likes other then Brawling,  likes a lot of the same music as me,  loves the amusement park You know I could spend my whole life there. I enjoy just sitting spending time with him. So yeah Lance is important to me in a lot of ways. "  I nodded taking in everything I had just been told. "Ok, I get what you are saying Aria. Say your relationship got a little more serious but something happened and you two broke up. Would you toss everything you had aside and forget him. Try to find someone else or would you still hold on to him?" I asked.

" Well,... I would have to say  a bit of both, I would definately try to move on and find someone else to share my heart with. But no I wouldn't throw Lance aside all together no matter what the out come, he is, was, and always will be one of my friend. Nothing can take that away."  She said "Doesn't the uncertainity worry you though. How do you know  he isn't just stringing you along and toying with you?"  " He isn't. I can tell when I look into his eyes and when he laughs that he would never do anything to hurt me on purpose. Dan, not everyone in life is a lier or out to decieve people. There still are good ones out there, You are one of them I know it to be true... So is Fabia."  Before long we found ourselves at the gates to the city park which had been decorated up in  strings of red and green  blinking lights which spelled out "Merry Christmas." and "Noel."  I could see groups of little kids rushing around  all having fun as they played in the snow. Some of them were waiting in line for thier pictures with Santa, others were off petting the goats and sheep in the petting zoo. Out on the rink which was nessled in the center of the park People were  having fun as they  races about to and fro around on the ice. Either by themselves or with thier partners all the while enjoying the music that played over the speaker system. "Come on let's get some skates. I don't know about you to but I'm ready to  tear it up." Sora said with a smile "Hurry up Dan!" Aria added rushing after her. I stood still for a while  and just looked around at the seemingly never ending sea of holiday good cheer and  peace around me. I am sure there were dozens of seperated couples here today, maybe some of them were still at least friends with each other like Aria said she would stay with Lance.  Perhaps I was too quick to fully demonize Runo the way I did. What she did was still unforgiveable and now matter what she may of meant to me in the past I just didn't have it in me to ever take her back as my girlfriend.  To still keep the friendship we has shared was that ok? "Drago, do you ever still miss Wyvern?" I asked "Every single day, but there is nothing I can do about the past. All I can do is keep her memory alive in my heart and know that she is watching over me now and always."  said the little fire dragon.  "You ever think you will find another like her?" Drago sighed and shook his head in an unsure fashion "Not exactly like her and really I don't think I would want her to be exactly like Wyvern. I believe she would want me to move on and find someone new."  I would of said more but Sora was calling for me to get a move on and hit the ice so I desided to do that and try to at least not make a complete fool of myself.

Mira, Ace, and Baron were behind the counter of the skate rental booth handing out skates to customers and collecting money I very slowly made my way up to the counter, Drago hopped down and  floated about as he talked with Wilda and the others. "I didn't expect to see you here Dan." Mira said with a slight bit of amusement as she counted up the money they had collected so far, "Yeah, Sora kind of, persuaded me to come along. Even though I'm not much of an ice skater." I said. Ace grinned leaning back in his seat with his feet up on the counter and rocking back and forth. " Heard you and a certain blue haired neathian are practicly an Item already." he said  "You're jumping the gun there Ace, Nothing has happened even close to that yet."  I didn't even need to wonder who he had heard this from it was blindingly obvious. "Well if you do plan to make a move on her I'd say this is the place to do it." Mira hummed.  Was everyone in on this whole plan of Sora's but me  man she wasted no time in setting things up. I looked out across the rink and saw her already gliding across the ice with Shun following in toe, both of them were having a great time, Shun lifted her up a bit into his arms and pulled of a quick  spin trick before landing and setting her back down then rocketing off leaving her in a small cloud of powder. Sora wasn't about to be left behind however as she chased after him and  clung onto him.  Not far from where they were enjoying themselves, Lance was  skating along to the music with Aria, his hand holding hers as they went. They weren't doing all the fancy stuff like Shun and Sora were but they were enjoying the other's company none the less.  I started to look around for the others to see what they were doing, Ryuji, Ren, and Julie were having a snow ball fight with some of the kids. Marucho was working with Jake  up at the Santa picture booth, Jake had a big grin plastered from ear to ear on his face which just made the kids have the same, back up the gate I could see Billy, Chan, and Joe  coming in, Once Julie saw him she would be all over him no doubt.  All I could see around me was people enjoying themselves and having fun. Something I hadn't done during Christmas for a long long time now. " You guys got anything in a size 10?" I asked. Mira smiled at me as she reached under the counter and pulled out thier last pair. "If you're looking for her, she just came in on the other side. Go get her, Dragon boy." she said Ace nodded in agreement.  Taking a deep breath I found a spot to lace up before very carfully taking hold of the  rink's wall and  making my way over to the other side.  

"I think he's gonna be ok. This is Dan we're talking about here How many times have things not turned out great for him?" Ace asked.  Mira nodded as she folded her arms over her chest. "Really Sora is the one to thank for this. If not for her Dan would probaly still be a solitary heep up in his room right now. That girl has a talent for finding the best matches for people. Heh she was the one who opened my eyes to you." Ace hummed standing up to pull another pair of skates out from under the counter and handing her a pair of them. "Oh and here I thought it was my  devilishly handsome adonis like good looks that won you over." Ace said. "It was. She just was the one who woke me up to you and  helped you to work that black magic of yours." Mira purred kissing Ace on his cheek. Ace would of said more but he was already being pulled out and onto the rink. "Baron! I swear if I come back and anything is broken, missing, vandelized, blown up, or on fire I am going to kick your dumbass all the way back to Vestal then back here to Earth and back to Vestal again!" Ace yelled. "Ok Ace I hear ya loud and clear nothing is gonna." KLACK A CLANG!!! went the cash register drawer as Baron stupidly hit the open switch and  knocked it loose smacking himself in the head and scattering money everywhere. Ace groaned and held his head in agony, feeling a headache starting to come over him. "Why do I hang out with you, why do these things always happen to me?"

"Whoa, Ahh!! Oh no, ok here we go." I stammered  gripping on to the  rink wall for dear life as I slowly made my way towards where I now saw Fabia sitting putting on her own skates. As I did I looked at her  clad in a fluffy white winter coat and  pale yellow and blue gloves, a  black snow cap was tucked neatly over her head to keep her ears warm.  Looking at her now I saw that she really was a very beautiful young lady, perhaps I was just to blind in the past to see this but now I was. I couldn't help but find myself now hopeful that I would find some answers here tonight, sincerily hoping for them to be pleasent ones. "Yo Fabs!!" I called out to her, my legs still flailing about some. "Yeash Dan, Skate much?" she laughed looking at me. "On ice no, wheels yes." I said pushing myself up and finally managing to stand up straight. "Well I guess I can't blame you I've only been a few times myself and even then I was a little girl."  She  made her way out onto the ice and immidately started to have problems, even more so then me. "Whoa careful!" I  called    thrusting my arms out to  grab her before she could fall and hurt herself on the cold surface. "Whew, thanks. That would of hurt." she said "No problem, but what do you say we just keep to the rim for now. That way I can grab ahold of you faster if you start to fall again." I said Fabia nodded, "Sounds good to me."  We then started off as a new song started to play. Once we got the feel for the motions it became a lot easyer.  We started to branch out from the wall and further out into the middle of the rink. "This is pretty easy once you get the footing down." I said with a smile on my face as I put on a bit more speed, darting across the way and down again. "It's fun too, as long as you don't have to dodge in and out of huge crowds of people too." Fabia said as she wobbled about, Unlike me she wasn't doing very good at all so I was sticking close to her keeping a watchful gaze over her. "And you were on me about my skating." I chuckled as I watched her   nearly flop down on to the ground again  but I caught her just in time. "Hey give me a break I was like 6 years old last time I went skating, last time I ever went was with my Dad."  I stopped and thought back to when Fabia explained about her parents. She and Serina had lost both of them to a plague which had been sweeping across Neathia resulting in hundreds of deaths, sadly the number included thier king and queen. This was one of the reasons Serina had to take the throne at such a young age.  "Uhh sorry, I kind of forgot about that." I said Fabia shook her head and smiled up at me very cutely. "No harm done. It's not like you set out to bring it up." Fabia once showed me a picture of her and her parents, king Vizeron and queen Nikaria, Both of them seemed like they loved thier daughters very much. Her father always called them his two crown jewels, the earrings she wore all the time were gifts he had gotten her for her 6th birthday, the last year she would have with her  parents.   "Outta the way slow pokes, bullet train coming through!!!" yelled a voice which was soon followed by a speeding asshole as he rocketed down the way and  right through the two of us. "Gyahhhhh, Dan Help!!" Fabia called as she started to fall forward. "I gotcha!!" Skating around behind her I  grabbed ahold of her to keep her up but ended up falling back onto the ice and pulling her down on top of me.

"Oh Shit! I'm sorry Dan You ok?!" She asked looking at me down on the ground. "Uhh Yeah, Yeah I'm fine." I said staring, mezmerized as I looked into her green eyes, they were just so enchanting, before where you would see  intensity and fierceness in battle you only saw kindness and a slight hint of shyness to them. I could see her starting to turn red in the cheeks and couldn't help but laugh a bit it was nice to see her like this. "Umm Thanks, for catching me." She said. "No problem, But I think we better get up, we;re kind of in the way here." I Chuckled. Fabia Then shot up and  brushed off her coat before holding her hand out to pull me up. We desided to get off the rink and do something else, something a little less high impact.  The two of us found a small slightly dry bench to sit on and just collect ourselves. "Here you go, little hot chocolate to warm yourself up." I said handing her one. "Thanks." she said sipping her drink and smiling. "love this stuff." "You are a chocoholic." I said grinning as before taking a sip of my own. "How can you not be, Stuff is good." She said. I chuckled before taking a seat next to her on the bench. "Your butt ok, after that fall you took I am surprised you can sit down." Fabia asked, laughing a bit at the end. "I've been through worse, like when you judo flipped me the first time we met." Fabia turned and looked at me shocked. "That only happened twice and I barely  even  threw you that hard!" "Piff Not that hard,You left a bruise the size of Texas, I thought my ass was broken for a while." She just grinned and laughed again. "Drama queen."   We sat there for a while just listening to the music playing around us and watching the  lights starting to come on. The darkness of the night was slowly starting to over take the sky as the snow began to slow but the chill remained. "So, You having fun? If you want we can head on back over to the rink and give it another go." I said. Fabia shook her head and  looked up at the lights  blinking over head us. "Nah I think I've had enough skating for now. I'm like just sitting here, with you." She said. I felt my heart starting to beat like crazy now she was liked being alone with me, really?  It was starting to feel hot now even as cold as it was I was starting to sweat a bit Not sure what to do or say, I surprised myself big time by what I said next. "I like spending time with you like this." Once it was out there I nearly smacked a hand over my mouth sure that I had made the wrong move. Fabia just looked at me not sure of what she just heard. "I, I, ... I mean You're a really cool person a lot of fun to be around, You're really special."   She stayed silent now blushing deeper red then she was before and looking intensely my way.  "Gyah!! Wait I don't mean it like that I mean you're not ordinary, you're different. I mean I see you differently from my other friends.  D'oh! You are my friend but I just..."   "Just, what Dan?" She finally asked me  her voice full of curiousity.   I don't know how what happened next happened but it did and I still don't believe it to this day, even though I know for a fact that it  truely happened.  I took hold of Fabia's hand and held it in my own, pulling her a bit closer to me and wrapping my right arm around her and started to lean myself in closer to her. I could see both our breaths coming in ragged fast  bursts in the cold winter air the heat that had been growing inside me was a raging inferno now my heart beat was deafining to every other sound but my own voice as I told her, "I think I'm falling in love with you."  I whispered before  finally  seizing her lips in a kiss.
Bakugan Christmas Ch 8.
Dan is a bundle of nerves as he risks his future on a roll of the dice and follows through with his sister's plan.

Soon he manages to find some alone time with Fabia and the two are soon lost for words as emotions for one another stir to the surface and come to a boiling point. What will happen though when Dan finally admits he is falling for her?

will he be rewarded with a new love, or once again be crushed?
Well it is almost here, tomorrow is Christmas eve and then we will be at the best day of the whole year, after that we move on to new years, 2015 baby!

seems like just yesterday 2014 started and before we know it, it will be over.

But I just wanted to wish all my good friends, readers, and watchers a very very merry Christmas and happy holidays.  I pray you enjoy them and thank you all for being my friends, liking my stuff and look forward to 2015 to reading and faving new art you put up.

Merry Christmas!!!!^^


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